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The Hand of The Red Pilgrim Alchemy Symbol Tote Bags

The Hand of The Red Pilgrim! these are precious moments full of love and healing  energies captured for ever for continued healing, all along. Alchemy since ancient ages is an interesting subject, this collection came up intuitively, going with the flow and with guidance of my spirit guides. Basically alchemy means transformation,changing lead into gold. Egyptians and Ancient Chinese also had alchemists who with use of formulas and symbols brought about changes. 
Going with this concept, helping to bring about transformations. Aiming here to purify, mature and prefect the energies. Choice of symbols is intuitively and no personal involvement or  preferences. The final pour,dripping technique, allow the natural forces to take charge, with the paint and the paper having its own soul.
It is as if the symbols written and the blue print made and then letting go of all control , allowing the Universal life force to take charge and bring about transformations, healing. Perfection of human body, mind and soul. The Chinese Alchemy , body is thought of a cosmological process, with intervention of Tao Masters Alchemists, brings about transformation,alignment, mainly focusing on purification of mind ,body and spirit. The aim was for immortality, but let us here aim for a better quality of life, improved relationships and great successes in work and personal life.
The Hand of The Red Pilgrim Work in Progress

The Hand of The Red Pilgrim Alchemy 

The color rust, earthy red, brings in mother Earths blessings,choice of pinks, blues and purples, yellow indicating different energy sources.
Combinations came up intuitively.
Empowerment, Healing affirmations, putting the power here. Open to fresh thoughts and blessings from the universe, selfless, pure intentions, not applying any pressure for outcomes, and trusting the Universe. Reiki Masters use this power symbol most of times and I love this symbol Cho Ku Rei very much. It is the one seen in most of my healing paintings and I really Love this triple coiled symbol that comes up effortlessly and with swift movements. Emptying the mind of all chaos, the small paintings on Alchemy have emerged serene and with power packed pure energy.  Going into the mode, one sitting, focused, pure, Reiki Alchemy!
Thank you for coming by The Perfect Hand Bags!
All the Best from The Red Pilgrim!
Alchemy Patterns Limited 5, unique, one of kind, Urbane sophistication and style. Amazing digital artworks and hand painted original paintings printed Tote bags, Always a style Statement!
The symbols connect with Universal appeal and are a beautiful way to connect with the healing energies of the universe. Each symbol has its own spiritual meanings and interpretations. Symbols not only help bring soothing harmonious energy but also heal the heart and mind. Makes one feel refreshed and opens life for new energies and luck.
 Over the span of seventeen years I have done thousands of hand painted spiritual symbolic paintings and cubism artworks. The years have also had my expressions for striving to express my self and my healing energies  and ,the art or colours and symbols,  Digital paintings using symbols and Reiki energies. have been done , some are as old as year 2002 and till date I continue to make digital and hand made original healing paintings.  and what a great way to motivate and energize your days with carrying some Awesum Healing Art symbol designer Tote bags,  made by a qualified Reiki Master , healing artist, me,  with loads of Love and Blessings! 

What an beautiful way to self heal yourself , emotionally heal and gain the energy from the healing art, and also carry along the healing energies of the Universe , of symbols and colour therapy healing art printed Tote Bags.
Carry Healing all along with Healing Art! 
Thank you, Have a Great Day from The Red Pilgrim!
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