Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Hand of Hamza Hand of Fatima Healing Art Tote Bags

The Hand, fascinated with symbols of protection, evil eye cures,strength and success. Modern healing art, hand of Hamza, evil eye protection art , Sufi symbol hand, hand of Fatima, Islam symbol protection hand, buri nazar protection hand. Creative expression swith healign symbols, making original healing art.
The symbol with its beauty is amazing in its energy and works wonders with self confidence and protection, motivation and will to achieve success. 
The Hand, symbol of protection, has its base in Islam as the Hand of Fatima. It is a strong universal appeal symbol for strength and protection from evil eye, termed as "buri nazar"
Influenced by the history and its abilities the beautiful symbol has come up in my healing art.
All along making healing art, the Hand, with Reiki, Chinese, Tibetan symbols, this one too has it immense symbolic value in Sufism and Islam.
The Hand

The Hand and The Eye

The Hand and The Wings

The Hand of Fatima, hand of Hamza is available and seen in many forms in art, and products.

It is placed in spaces for protection from 'buri nazar' evil eye and also to attract prosperity and goodluck. 
What an beautiful way to self heal yourself , emotionally heal and gain the energy from the healing art, and also carry along the healing energies of the Universe , of symbols and colour therapy healing art printed Tote Bags.

Carry Healing all along with Healing Art! 
Original healing art made by A qualified Reiki Master and Feng shuii Consultant coming from a bloodline of Sufi spiritual healers.
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