Saturday, July 29, 2017

Karuna Reiki Symbols Modern Healing Art Black and White Tote bags

Reiki symbol Healing Art Tote Bags! A symbolic abstract healing painting to develop karuna compassion and increase personal ki energy.Sacred geometry symbolic healing painting on canvas for wellness and Feng shuii good luck.
Black and White Reiki Abundance Healing Tote Bag

Black and White Reiki Healing tote bag

Mandala Healing Weekender Bag

Also a symbol for abundance, Reiki magic star, Star of David, Midas star.  this is used for attracting wealth and money luck.
The emotional healing symbol that flows as if in a form of blooming flower, Se he Ki, its circular flow purifying the inner and outer self. Protection and healing.
My favourite Reiki purification symbol , the triple coiled symbol, Cho Ku Rei, completes the healing artwork with protection and harmony. The symbol simply means"put the power here" a seal from a pure channel of Reiki, Reiki Master!
Very precious art, one of a kind, and a great conversation piece!!!

Simply pure energy symbols, healing, after self Reiki for so many years, there are arty expressions!  
Thank you, Have a Great Day from Rizwana!
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