Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Meaning of Chinese symbol Double Happiness Symbolism Modern Tote weekender Womens Bags

Chinese symbol Double Happiness
 The beautiful Chinese symbol Double happiness, mostly used during marriages on invitation cards, symbolizes double energy, togetherness and happiness. The symbol today with modern trends has lately been used in contemporary arts and not just for marital luck and happiness for married couples the symbol actually has a deep meaning.
Weekender Bag Chinese symbol Double Happiness
Double, in feng shui is the best energy. It symbolizes twice the power of the feng shui energy. While I love thsi symbol , Chinese character very much the symbol for me is used to express goodluck, happiness, health,wealth and prosperity , all in double dose!
Two is the number of power of double in numerology and especially wealth, money does not like to be alone. 

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For students and young children it brings great success in life and for married of course the best energy to heal relationships.  For the single it attracts marital luck.
The symbol does not only link to marital status, it is simply double happiness! and means doubly double energy of all good things in life!
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