Thursday, May 4, 2017

Stunning Brahma kamal Healing Floral Luck Healing Flower Designer Womens Tote bags

Black and Golden Magical fantasy Floral Healing Luck Tote 
 Brahma Kamal, the flower of creation. The large sized bloom is seen only by a few blessed homes. The flower, pristine creaminess white with heavenly fragrance is a strong symbol of goodluck and prosperity. Lord Brahma, The Hindu God of creation, Brahma Kamal flower  represents the Lord of creation and since the flower , has its history of emerging from the naval of lord Vishnu. The actual flower is Saussurea Obvallata, a flowering cactus that blooms around full moon.
The real Brahma Kamal flower is seen only in Himalayas. This is a night blooming cactus, Ephiphyllum Oxypetallum. But whatever the name, the flower with its uniqueness is my dream flower!
Mesmerizing  Brahma Kamal flower healing art Tote Bags
The flower, Brahma Kamal flower is believed to bring loads of goodluck and prosperity in whichever home it blooms. There is good news, good happenings and prosperity coming their way. With its strong beauty , uniqueness and symbolism , arty Brahma kamal printed tote bags are one of the most beautiful floral art, healing symbol printed Tote bags.
  healing flowers for wish fulfillment , happiness and goodluck. what a beautiful way to carry art and healing! Original Reiki Artworks,  Printed Tote Bags Celebrities Healing Tote Bags, unique, one of kind, Urbane sophistication and style. Amazing digital artworks and hand painted original paintings printed Tote bags, Always a style Statement! Great for wedding gifts and any  occasion , Valentine day gifts, birthdays , anniversaries and celebrating and sharing the most beautiful blessing, and of course each and every day! Goodluck! 
One of a kind, never repeated designs, symbols, spiritual healing art , hundreds of choices, themes, symbols, colours, to choose from,  Unisex Tote bags , multi uses, fashion statement, style, carry along healing art energies of love,.Gift Goodluck, prosperity, Love and Happiness symbol healing art tote bags , special one of a kind memorable gifts for any occasion that will be welcomed with a smile! Be Blessed! 
Have a Great Day from Rizwana!
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