Monday, December 12, 2016

Never Ever Take this Hand Purse! 6 Serious issues with Sequinned Purses and Clutch How to handle sequinned purses with care

My favourite Clutch, peacock, Lucky stones.
Never will i take this again! I love this clutch, it is Awesum, and  studded with stones and sequins but am now thinking twice when pairing purses with apparels and festival dresses.
So many dresses,sequinned and zari work have got spoiled with threads getting stuck up in the gemstone work on my purses. Usually we love and select hand purses with sequins, shiny, sparkling glittering stones and zari work always comes along to hold the stones and design. These are tiny metal threads used to design the decorations on purses and hand embroidered .And of course the beautiful purse also will lose some of its glitter in process of untangling!
If we wear thread and zari sequinned dresses , most of the times they get stuck up and , it becomes a task to always take care of  either your dress or your clutch!
save from- 1) your clutch clinging to someone else's dress! embarrassing!
2) your clutch getting stuck in dupatta, or saree palav, again not such a good situation.
3) clutch getting stuck on upholstery and curtains, very bad situation, when we pass around in any home and your clutch, hand purse,  seems to fall in love with their curtains!and you struggle.
4) Your clutch with sequins does fancy some people wearing sequinned dresses! so they are embarrassed !
5) Talking to some one on a sensitive topic, and your clutch suddenly clings /gets stuck up, to that person's jewelry or dress!,
6) When you embrace your friends and relatives, most embarrassing, the hug seems like a lifetime! you are not allowed to leave them until you sort out the threads from your glittering stones  purse stuck up in their dress!
I love this, 1) so careful with the use, always wear simple clothes to accompany this purse. 2) be careful while meeting people, either give the purse to some one else, or hide it behind your back and then greet!3) Laugh it off! well the best thing I have learned, say your purse loves them a lot!
Merry Christmas From Rizwana Mundewadi
At The Vaikunth Flower Show this December 2016!
Wishing Each One of  You a Merry Christmas and A Great New Year Ahead!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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