Monday, November 14, 2016

Matching Tote Bag with Phone Case Cover Healing painting Printed Designer Tote bags

Beautiful Love Printed Healing Art Love Tote Bag Razarts
Tender Love- Beautiful Love ! Tender Love ! Roses! and My Precious Reiki symbols! inspired by the beautiful roses from my little space under the sun! years of beautiful blooms, large sized rose blooms, Awesum fragrances and the elegant simple paintings of year 2002, rose buds and roses that have brought loads of luck to my terrace garden in amazingly beautiful rose bushes that are always fully loaded all year round! Roses have been strong symbols of love and beauty, Elegance and Tenderness. especially pink roses, Feng Shui symbolism of number two is Awesum, as the Universe loves things and objects in pair!
Pink the color of love,in this symbolic painting done on gallery wrapped canvas , the different shades and hues to break the monotony of pink, background has pink roses and roses in abstraction. Pink color a feng shui color for love and romance symbolizing marital luck, happiness and a great energy painting for the bedroom for happiness and harmony. 
A simple love painting with a powerful symbolism in pair of pinkish red roses.The layering of color I have begun with thin glazing technique of crimson lake and rose madder hue for flourescent pink. The vibrant colors of love, the Chinese symbols for love and happiness in golden compliment the feelings of emotions spreading happy vibrations in this Reiki symbol feng shui artwork. 
Symbolism, symbol for love and happiness 
(Relationships corner and bedroom space, a great Feng Shui painting. Pink!Pair of Roses! Symbolism color of love, Good Luck, Gallery wrapped canvas , ready to hang. 8x10 inches. Year 2016. )
The beautiful Chinese character of love, red and golden colour, a bundle of love.
What a style statement to carry a beautiful designer Art printed Tote bag with mobile case matching! You can get a customized art printed mobile case that can in itself be a unique one, with healing symbols, and a great fashion piece! Pink is a beautiful colour and these are great as gifts, for just anyone you love!
Beautiful Love Printed Mobile Phone Cover Razarts
All the Best from Rizwana!
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