Monday, November 14, 2016

Reiki symbol Designer Tote Bags Healing Art Printed Designer Tote Bags

Bands of Healing Two Cho Ku rei's Designer Tote Bag
Reiki healing paintings, the most beautiful powerful reiki symbol, Cho Ku Rei, another strong symbolic painting, printed on designer modern  Tote bags , what more you can write a hand written message of the same design printed greeting card, Healing Art! 
Reiki , the symbol, Modern art. Fascinated with lines. The Feng Shui eye, an interesting focal point in this artwork. Two opposite Cho Ku Rei's are powerful symbols of healing and protection. And my favourite emotional healing symbol , Reiki Se he Ki. Two opposite symbols bring harmony and protective energies. 
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(original -Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, 8x10 inches. ready to hang , year 2016.)
God Bless from Rizwana!

Chakra Empowerment Healing Art Designer Printed Tote Bags along with Greeting Card

Contemporary healing painting done in acrylics on canvas board. size 12x12 inches in year 2016. The thoughts , working over on the Kundalini Awakening paintings with Reiki , have come up with healing chakras. The main energy the desire to heal must come from within. Each chakra symbolizes a different energy. There are certain sounds for healing these seven important chakras, mantras, chanting, which when done in meditative state bring about feelings of peace, happiness, bliss and enlightenment. 
The central Tao symbol of Yin and Yang, have taken the most beautiful colour orange, of sacral chakra, emits the symbols in a circular fashion, going with the flow, towards the final crown chakra symbol Om!
A beautiful modern contemporary spiritual abstract painting.
All the Best from Rizwana!

Chakra Healing Painting Designer Printed Greeting Card

 A beautiful way to heal relationships and also empower yourself with motivational healing art. Tote bags with healing chakra symbols , spiritual symbols, soothing colours for healing the seven chakras, a style statement. A wonderful unique gifting option this Christmas and  New Year, don't forget to add the special message hand written on the same print greeting card, that sure is one beautiful way to not only heal the receiver but also to heal yourself!
Chakra Healing Painting Designer Tote Bag
All the Best from Rizwana!
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A Beautiful Unique Gift Hamper! Designer Tote Bags with Awesum Combos

Gift hampers, a beautiful one, Karma, Kundalini, spiritual healing painting printed Tote Bags 
Absolutely Pure Kundalini Design Printed Tote Bags
with combination of printed t shirt, 
Absolutely Pure Kundalini Design Printed T shirt 
throw pillow, 
Absolutely Pure Kundalini Design Printed Throw Pillow Cover
mobile phone cover, a beautiful unique gifting option and quiet a soul healing one. Absolutely pure, healing painting, Awakening kundalini. 26x34 inches after leaving sides for framing. Acrylic on canvas , year 2016, one more in the series of Kundalini Awakening!
Absolutely pure, clear focused thoughts, one sitting, pleasant happy feelings,.spiritual bliss. Going through a spiritual purge! confusions, emotions, energy bursts, spiritual visions, and finally Awakening , yet, am with the subject of Kundalini, thoughts bombarded in my brains, energy, the vibrations of Kundalini energy, the latent energy hidden in every individual, yes, it can be tapped, either by yogic practices, meditation, or even by leading simple pure spiritual lifestyle. The subject no doubt is vast and each one experiences it differently. While some say a spurt of white energy moves with force from the base, dark, spinal column, and passing from each chakra, and with a positive force overflows from the crown chakra. Then some feel extensive heat, building up in the back area of the spine and neck. Some feel seizures, and maybe the body trembles a bit . The process of Awakening Kundalini goes over for years, at least I have gone through for years, not an easy one. Trials, tried and tested, time and again from Universe, health, wealth, relationships , every aspect of life, till you have gone through the turmoil, comes the dawn , the ray of light, its really a very beautiful experience! Things begin to happen! Yes, its as if a flow, of energy, life moving on gracefully, suddenly all is healed! Immense Happiness, a trance, yes the burning of the back and neck is too much ,many times. but worth the effort! The energy always has to be used in a constructive, positive manner for the benefit of others , 
Blessings from the universe have come to a balanced form, and not only am I at peace but this also spreads to people who are near me and who are related to me. Suddenly you become a people magnet! An Abundance Magnet! and also the many emails and queries that I receive from my art lovers and blog followers, Always wishing for their best and going with my gut feelings and spirit guides, intuitions. 

Absolutely Pure Kundalini Design Printed Mobile Phone Cover
The painting has been done in basic colours black, red and green, turquoise, french ultramarine with the white energy sparks. 
Kundalini is what healers describe a pair of snakes, coiled energy form at the base of the spine. The energy exists in latent form and needs to be activated. This can be done by meditation, exercises and a spiritually rich lifestyle of pure intentions. The energy moves into sparks, a spurge, a rush of energy and a soothing force. Each one has a different experience with Kundalini Awakening. The Awakening process may be a few minutes or years together with gradual changes.
Healing art helps and assists in this process, a beautiful expression from my healing energies, the painting is a spiritual abstract with dominating blue, minimalist, yet strong focussed effort to achieve this feeling. Pure Kundalini!

Choose a beautiful greeting card for expressing your heart and a great way to heal relationships!  
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All the Best from Rizwana!

Matching Tote Bag with Phone Case Cover Healing painting Printed Designer Tote bags

Beautiful Love Printed Healing Art Love Tote Bag Razarts
Tender Love- Beautiful Love ! Tender Love ! Roses! and My Precious Reiki symbols! inspired by the beautiful roses from my little space under the sun! years of beautiful blooms, large sized rose blooms, Awesum fragrances and the elegant simple paintings of year 2002, rose buds and roses that have brought loads of luck to my terrace garden in amazingly beautiful rose bushes that are always fully loaded all year round! Roses have been strong symbols of love and beauty, Elegance and Tenderness. especially pink roses, Feng Shui symbolism of number two is Awesum, as the Universe loves things and objects in pair!
Pink the color of love,in this symbolic painting done on gallery wrapped canvas , the different shades and hues to break the monotony of pink, background has pink roses and roses in abstraction. Pink color a feng shui color for love and romance symbolizing marital luck, happiness and a great energy painting for the bedroom for happiness and harmony. 
A simple love painting with a powerful symbolism in pair of pinkish red roses.The layering of color I have begun with thin glazing technique of crimson lake and rose madder hue for flourescent pink. The vibrant colors of love, the Chinese symbols for love and happiness in golden compliment the feelings of emotions spreading happy vibrations in this Reiki symbol feng shui artwork. 
Symbolism, symbol for love and happiness 
(Relationships corner and bedroom space, a great Feng Shui painting. Pink!Pair of Roses! Symbolism color of love, Good Luck, Gallery wrapped canvas , ready to hang. 8x10 inches. Year 2016. )
The beautiful Chinese character of love, red and golden colour, a bundle of love.
What a style statement to carry a beautiful designer Art printed Tote bag with mobile case matching! You can get a customized art printed mobile case that can in itself be a unique one, with healing symbols, and a great fashion piece! Pink is a beautiful colour and these are great as gifts, for just anyone you love!
Beautiful Love Printed Mobile Phone Cover Razarts
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Monday, November 7, 2016

Original Healing Painting Printed Tote Bags Modern Contemporary Healing Art on Tote Bags Stylish Healing Painting Print Hand bags

Beautiful Love Painting print on Tote Bag
Fascinated modern art prints, on bags! womens hand bags , Tote bags Latest, contemporary,
Absolutely Pure Kundalini art printed Tote Bag
Modern healing art printed Tote bags, stylish, unique, original painting printed bags are quite a rage as they are not only unique but also have healing symbols and bring feelings of security, balance, harmony, happiness and complete well being.
Chakra Empowerment Healing painting printed Tote bag
While you would love my beautiful Reiki symbol  Healing art on your walls, bringing along a collection of affordable prints from Fine Art America. The Tote bags look beautiful , with colours and symbols for healing and you connect with any of the original painting do let me know. The Modern Healing art printed Tote bags are also a great way to gift goodluck and happiness, and what an affordable price, to gift something memorable that has been made with loads of love with loads of love!

Clarity throat chakra mantra Printed Tote bag

Encircled Love printed Tote bag

Flower of protection Healing evil eye cure symbol Printed Tote Bag

My Happy Chakras modern healing  art printed Tote bag

Bands of Healing Two Cho Ku Reis Razarts
It is such an Awesum way to bring art into your lives and not just for your walls!Goodluck!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Meanwhile have added a few more to my collection, I always choose specific sections, and purses with a specific purpose and occasion in mind , have to let go of some old ones!
My New additions Traditional festive season Purses
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