Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Mushroom shaped Purse Christmas Fantasy Fairy Tale Mushroom Shaped Purse

Mushroom shaped Purse
Christmas fantasy, fairy tale Mushroom shaped purse right out form a story book!
Thank you very much for coming by , liking, commenting and sharing! In search of perfect hand bags, I just went ahead searching for unique hand bags and it all poured  out in this blog!
Merry Christmas and A Very Happy New Year!
God Bless!

Combo Offers of Womens Designer Shoes and Purses

Combo Offers of Shoes and Hand Purses
 Combination and offers , discounts on shoes and purses together, is a  great time saver. We get to choose the pair according to our dress,, and we also do not need to search for a matching clutch or purse.
Combo offers on shoes are purses are wonderful as both pieces are made similar patterns and colors and we get the whole complete look. And you can also change the combinations according toy our wish while dressing up and use each piece individually.
Shoes and Hand Bags Collections
Money and Time saver Womens shoes and bags combo offers!


Rubik cube shaped womens hand purse

Rubiks Cube shaped womens purse 
Rubiks cube , a puzzle, invented in 1974 by a sculptor Erno Rubik.  Rubiks cube has 26 smaller cubes each cube is with colored stickers in White, red, blue, orange, green, yellow.
While each layer is twisted to get a similar color on one face, the whole process is a focussed, creative and intelligent mediation.
This one is on Ali express and awesum unique bizzare shaped women purses. A puzzle, a way of life and suddenly when everything falls in place it gives immense happiness and feeling of enlightenment.
Creative pattern in womens hand bags, Rubik cube shaped womens hand purse.

Owl shaped Glittering diamond gemstones womens shoulder purse Owl shape symbolism

Owl shaped Glittering diamond gemstones womens shoulder purse
Owl shaped womens purses and shoulder bags, this one is glittering with diamonds shiny sparkling stones and pearls, beads. Beautiful shape the owl some years back was symbol of attracting ill luck and death in some cultures and  countries but with the trends and the awareness brought about by bird lovers the owl is becoming more and more a friendly shape. the  owl symbolizes wisdom, intelligence and fore sight. the owl can see at night, a really special quality, that symbolizes fore sight and long term goals , achievement of dreams and higher vision.
A great fashionably, unique shaped owl purse to carry along!

Banana Fruit shaped womens clutch Fruity shaped womens hand bags

Banana shaped womens hand clutch
Fruity shapes, attractive color and healthy choices , lovely attractive fruit shaped womens hand bags. Banana , the yellow fruit shaped womens clutch, so trendy and unique and so attractive!

Breast shaped womens hand purse Sexy expression Style Statement purse

Breasts shaped womesn bag purse
Breasts shaped purse, handbag. Bizzare and quirky fashionable trending now in womens hand bags. This one is an arty representation of female breasts. Quite a sexy expression, and great style statement!

Fruity Pineapple shaped womens purse Fruit shape Purse for Joy

Fruit Pineapple shaped designer purse 
Fruits shaped purses from apples to straw berries to this yellow cheerful pine apple shaped womens shoulder sling purse. Saw this one on Ali express.
Yellow is a cheerful color and expresses joy and brings a smile on every face. Creative design and fruit shapes, great way to bring in happiness and express joy!