Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Your purse is a reflection of your life Add some Zing to your life

Colorful beads womans clutch
Life is a reflection of the objects you are surrounded with. Atmosphere. I have always stressed over the fact that you can attract all that you desire by displaying symbols and surrounding yourself with symbols of happiness and success.
Add some Zing to your life and just check out your hand bag! your purse, yes it reflects your life. try to choose a colorful purse and see how it affects your life. Organize the sections, make special place for coins and paper currency, your cards, and just see how beautifully  your life will unfold.
Feng shui lays a lot of importance on organized energy that reflects harmony and balance. Each and every thing needs  too have a place of its own. So also your hand bag with different sections is of loads of help, I have personally gone through this when you just cant find objects from your large purse even if you have placed it as it all gets jumbled inside the large single hole.
Always search for purses according to what you put inside, this helps to keep your life organized.
Maroon shiny sparkling life!
All the Best from Rizwana!

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