Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Your purse is a reflection of your life Add some Zing to your life

Colorful beads womans clutch
Life is a reflection of the objects you are surrounded with. Atmosphere. I have always stressed over the fact that you can attract all that you desire by displaying symbols and surrounding yourself with symbols of happiness and success.
Add some Zing to your life and just check out your hand bag! your purse, yes it reflects your life. try to choose a colorful purse and see how it affects your life. Organize the sections, make special place for coins and paper currency, your cards, and just see how beautifully  your life will unfold.
Feng shui lays a lot of importance on organized energy that reflects harmony and balance. Each and every thing needs  too have a place of its own. So also your hand bag with different sections is of loads of help, I have personally gone through this when you just cant find objects from your large purse even if you have placed it as it all gets jumbled inside the large single hole.
Always search for purses according to what you put inside, this helps to keep your life organized.
Maroon shiny sparkling life!
All the Best from Rizwana!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Tips for Bringing Feng shui Luck with Contemporary formal womans hand bags

Formal always brings an image of sober, dull, straight looking, maybe boring, now we see formal purses in beautiful hues of colors and even with their straight cut and designs they look trendy and great with your formal outfits.
Orange Hues for formal womans purse
Choosing a hand bag for formal meetings and formal occasions sometimes brings us on a halt as most of the designer ones that we love and have may be in colors that are not considered formal. Feng shui loves colors! And when you want some extra luck with feng shui you have to think of adding this in new ways. Your hand bag can be one most lucky object that can help attract more luck,wealth and prosperity.
Modern soothing Green womans formal purse
Yes we  cannot carry a hot fuschia pink or a flourescent orange hand bag with a formal white attire but there are shades and hues that these colors can come into your life bringing in good feng shui energy and luck.
1) You can always select your formal hand bags keeping in mind your lucky feng shui color and element.
2) Shapes in your formal hand bag can be of the element you love, maybe round representing metal luck, or square representing stability and Earth luck. 
3) In the design you can see that there are some metal rings, this can also help attract money luck.
4) Colors black, purple and a shade of red, maroon are great feng shui colors attracting prosperity.  Orange also, as in orange tree fruits is a great color that  can be incorporated in your formal hand bags design.
5) green is very good feng shui color or growth and prosperity as it represents wealth but you cannot have lime green or shocking green formal hand bags. Darker counter parts of bright greens, like sap green and chrome green can be great for womans hand bags.

Formal womans hand bag
Black and White magic in formal womans bags

Decent Soft shade of pink formal womans purse
 6) Keep some feng shui lucky coins tied with red ribbons in a special place section in your hand purse, for attracting luck, wealth and prosperity.
7) Prefer even shapes in your hand bags for formal meetings for success.
Hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!

Geometric Designer Purses Love Cubism Some Geometric Shaped Trendy Womens Purses

Zig Zag patterned geometric shape on womens purse

Elegant geometric Green Purse
 Some cubism designs love geometry , latest geometric shapes in womens hand bags. Trendy, fashion, geometry going back to basics, lovely shaped womens purses.

Designer Geometric
Trendy modern Geometric Shaped Purses
Absolutely modern, contemporary hand bags! I love cubism and geometric shapes, Enjoy!

Cat Eyes Fur Purse Creepy eyes Animal Purse

Amazon has this creepy womens purse
Eyes , creepy, cat eyes, bring in the evil streak, strong stare, protection and definitely one for attention, the look with beaded glass eyes, saw this on Amazon for sale. Cat Eyes Fur Purse is for all those cat lovers who love to flaunt their love for pets, their attitudes!
All the Best from Rizwana!

Tea Pot Shaped womens purse Unique shaped purses

Tea Pot shaped womens purse
I am a tea pot, this one is a strange shape, right out of a fantasy fairy tale!  Tea pot shaped, plump,  crocheted womens purse, brings back  the tea pot era , lovely odd shaped tea pot purse. Unique and sure to get attention!