Thursday, March 19, 2015

Evil Eye on Womens Purse Protection from Evil Eyes Trendy Eyes Purse

Evil Eye Cure Beaded Womens Purse

Staring Eyes Black Clutch 
 Evil eyes, when everyone avoid accepting but do sometimes agree of the evil eyes effects the ladies hand bags too have two staring eyes images. From the feng shui evil eye cure comes the fancy beaded purse and also two eyes, the symbol also in many religions to protect one from the effects of evil eyes. The height of people going for protection from evil eyes and jealousy from others, carrying evil eye cures on their hand bags, latest eyes on purses,
Eyes on hand purse Designer eyes on purse evil eye protector
Have a Great Day from Rizwana!
Check out my healing art on evil eye cures!  feng shui painting! Blue Door of Protection 9.5x13.5 Inches on Oil sketch paper.
Blue Door of Protection Symbolic Feng Shui Painting