Sunday, January 4, 2015

World in my Hands Latest Globe shaped womens purse Welcome 2015!

Welcome to The Perfect Hand Bags! with the fresh New Year we have another bundle of joy, 365 days, spread love, happiness and prosperity! Wishing all you Wonderful Readers of my Blog,  A Great 2015! and still the journey continues in search of the perfect hand bag! with quite a few unique hand bags in my bags closet, here I share some great ones on Google and websites selling great bargains on hand bags.

Designer Globe shaped womens hand bag
 Very contemporary, latest globe shaped womens purse. Carry the world in your hands, quite good, round shaped and with the world map image gives a feeling of connectivity to the whole world. Globe shape ruled in feng shui and is very good cure to attract career and wealth luck.
Globe shaped womens purse
What more even world map printed on hand bags as well as clearly written texts and country names and continents, all detailing on your modern hand bag. A nice way to get the global attention!
 All the Best from Rizwana!

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