Monday, January 19, 2015

Vampire Story Book Shaped Purses Books Fairy tales Shaped Womens Purses feng shui book shape symbolism

Vampire Stories Chronicles shaped womens purse
Books, the shape of educational luck in feng shui symbolize great luck to attract higher education and good career opportunities as well as attract higher grades in academic performances. While in feng shui the education sector falls in the north east sector it is advisable  to put symbols of education here to activate this energy.
While searching on Google found this beautiful unique hand bag.
The latest trendy womens purse seen in horror story book shaped, chronicles and fairy tales all in book shape, definitely attractive and quite a style statement, head turner, in theoretical sense, designer are bringing in that eerie edge to womens hand bags.
Enjoy the Horror Vampire Chronicles!
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Thursday, January 15, 2015

For Your Mobile special womens clutch and purses Mobile Phone fancy purses pouches

Silk Blue Traditional mobile phone pouch purse
For your mobile phones, the sizes of which have gone from a small few inches to quiet larger sized tablet  so we need special pouches and clutches and that too fancy ones which can carry our mobile phones. Fancy designer pouches and purses are available specially for mobile phones that can be carried easily in hand covering the mobile phones as well as looking contemporary and in style going with your outfits and festive occasions.
Mobile phone pouches not only protect your phones from sweat, rain and external environmental
 factors but also add up as style statement makers to your outfit.
Sequined potli mobile phone purse
Usually also available with sling so that we can hang it over a shoulder while travelling. What I love about these pouches is they are cheaper compared to our regular purses and we can add a few currency/ credit card along as emergency cash at hand!and they go beautifully with our traditional and party wear!
Embroidered mobile phone pouch purse

Golden sequinned fancy designer mobile phone pouch
Carry you mobile phones in style, All the Best from Rizwana!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

World in my Hands Latest Globe shaped womens purse Welcome 2015!

Welcome to The Perfect Hand Bags! with the fresh New Year we have another bundle of joy, 365 days, spread love, happiness and prosperity! Wishing all you Wonderful Readers of my Blog,  A Great 2015! and still the journey continues in search of the perfect hand bag! with quite a few unique hand bags in my bags closet, here I share some great ones on Google and websites selling great bargains on hand bags.

Designer Globe shaped womens hand bag
 Very contemporary, latest globe shaped womens purse. Carry the world in your hands, quite good, round shaped and with the world map image gives a feeling of connectivity to the whole world. Globe shape ruled in feng shui and is very good cure to attract career and wealth luck.
Globe shaped womens purse
What more even world map printed on hand bags as well as clearly written texts and country names and continents, all detailing on your modern hand bag. A nice way to get the global attention!
 All the Best from Rizwana!