Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Practically learned lessons on how much to carry in my women’s hand bag Important guidelines for choosing things to carry in hand bags

Learned the hard way, shoulder aches, spinal pain and even back aches, reasons unknown, which  focused on the weight of your purse.
The habit of carrying many things in large purses often may lead to health issues and problems , unknowingly.  Carrying heavy  purses for long hours will increase the discomfort and then this may carry on for many days after the occasions where you have used the hand bag.
Sequins and Glittering Pink Purse

Leather Black and White Designer Womens Purse
1) Check out the things in your designer purse before going out for any occasion. Don’t just take the bag and leave adding a few cash and keys.
Fancy Designer Womens Purse

2) Remove all things out, most important part, (many things go unnoticed since you may not have used them for years and make a home in your bag)and then add according to needs and priorities.
3) Begin with most important things, like phone, cash, cards and keys first.
4) Important medical needs and important cosmetic (not the whole make up kit for just an occasion of an hour) needs things go next.
5) Safety resources, pepper sprays, safety pins, etc  go in,  as important part of your hand bag.
6)Now the occasion and what it demands, like marriages may need a gift envelope. The hours you will spend on the site will also affect the things you add to your purse, so choose accordingly. 
7)My personalized one,  Some sweets! And cough lozenges. This is according to your taste, (you need them when you don’t get food for long hours and also somehow the whole atmosphere, usually marriages,  makes one cough and suffocate sometimes , I love open spaces and fresh air functions and  occasions)
Regularly check out the things in your bag and keep this as a habit, never carry the bag along as it is, this will reduce the unnecessary clutter from accumulating and make you feel light and happy, try it.
Do share what goes in your hand bag, and how much does it weigh!
All the Best from Rizwana!

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