Wednesday, August 6, 2014

How to choose womens purse according to body type simple guidelines carry the right type of purse according to your body shape

Your body shape has a lot to do with how your hand bag looks on with you. There are times when we see small petite women with very large bags and tall elegant ones with such a small designer clutch, that it fails to make a statement. Then there are some women who look great with the hand purse that it compliments their outfit as well as their figure. Let’s see some guidelines on how the body shape can have an effect on the type of purse we carry.
Broad shoulders and triangular shaped body accentuate with your hand bag, use long sling bags, hobo bags that accentuate the thin legs and waist. We want to shift the focus from the broad shoulders and balance the body shape.
Fancy designer black purse

Classic white purse

peach metallic colored fancy clutch purse
For those with broader hips and lower half part of body must select shoulder bags that cling nearer to the shoulders so that the shoulders appear to look broader and thus balance your body in shape. All the attention goes to the bag so the lower parts are balanced in your look for the triangular shaped body.
If you have a lean figure and almost rectangular shaped body type carry a bag that has some oomph , style and curves. The purses should have circular shape or design and fall not lower than the hips giving the right shape to your whole appearance and curvy and elegant.
For the hour glass figure, the best one that every women wants any hand bag does wonders to accentuate the style and attire for the perfect shaped woman body type.
The apple shaped body type, of the pear shaped body where top portion of body is heavier must select bags that fall lower than the hips to give the body a balanced look. Tote bags give a more stylized look and  do not focus more of the top portion of your body.
Go ahead get the bags, choose the purse that compliment your shape and your outfit, All the Best from Rizwana!

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