Thursday, August 14, 2014

Did I just weigh a Lot more on the Weighing Machine, check out your hand bag weight

Weight issues coming up just about everyone from the triangular shaped to the apple and pear shaped and even the lanky ones want to lose weight. Weight reduction is one of the priorities among many women and many go to extremes for attracting health risks and hazards in reducing weight.  While using weighing machines and checking weight do consider the weight of your hand bag, you will weight a lot lesser!
Fancy white Designer Womens purse

Black colorful unique geometric designer purse
Yes the weight of women’s hand bags have gone up from some few  to many kilos. No wonder the shoulder and hands ache after any occasion. The usual womens purses used to be made of leather or any material and weighted quite less, were sleek and clutches almost weighed like feathers. Today’s modern contemporary womens purse are a lot heavier and along with heavy embroideries and  sequins work and added texture and patterns the purse have also gone on a weight gain side. Our purses have gone on increasing weight and as we choose the larger sized purses we also carry more stuff that can go inside the bag thus also increasing more weight of your hand bag.
Check out the weight of your hand bag, do share the wonders! You will be so much relieved with the weight of your bag and your own reduced weight figure!

All the Best from Rizwana, Enjoy!
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