Friday, August 29, 2014

Creepy Horror Womens Purse latest funky horror shape purses

Horror purse bat shape 
Creepy Horror nightmares, some creepy womens purses are in fashion. Women loving horror stories, nightmare tales and nights of haunting tales, have some to add up to their hand bag range, some creepy womens purses!
Dracula purse

Horror zombie creepy purse

Horror stories creepy womens hand bag
So while many young ladies enjoy horror movies this theme is also added in the hand bag range in many forms, right from bloody Dracula to hounding wolves and owls. Beware,  Horror filled Creepy outing!

Some Skulls in your hand Womens funky designer Modern Skull purses

Skull hanging on purse
 Skulls no longer a horror symbol have come to be in latest trends among womens hand bags. Skull shaped purses in metallic colors and stark black look great and also draw quite some attention.

Skull womens purse

 While the look is quite stunning when combined with stark black dresses  can make quite a style statement! for some horror tales and nights out!
Black skull hand purse

Colorful skulls on Purse

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Practically learned lessons on how much to carry in my women’s hand bag Important guidelines for choosing things to carry in hand bags

Learned the hard way, shoulder aches, spinal pain and even back aches, reasons unknown, which  focused on the weight of your purse.
The habit of carrying many things in large purses often may lead to health issues and problems , unknowingly.  Carrying heavy  purses for long hours will increase the discomfort and then this may carry on for many days after the occasions where you have used the hand bag.
Sequins and Glittering Pink Purse

Leather Black and White Designer Womens Purse
1) Check out the things in your designer purse before going out for any occasion. Don’t just take the bag and leave adding a few cash and keys.
Fancy Designer Womens Purse

2) Remove all things out, most important part, (many things go unnoticed since you may not have used them for years and make a home in your bag)and then add according to needs and priorities.
3) Begin with most important things, like phone, cash, cards and keys first.
4) Important medical needs and important cosmetic (not the whole make up kit for just an occasion of an hour) needs things go next.
5) Safety resources, pepper sprays, safety pins, etc  go in,  as important part of your hand bag.
6)Now the occasion and what it demands, like marriages may need a gift envelope. The hours you will spend on the site will also affect the things you add to your purse, so choose accordingly. 
7)My personalized one,  Some sweets! And cough lozenges. This is according to your taste, (you need them when you don’t get food for long hours and also somehow the whole atmosphere, usually marriages,  makes one cough and suffocate sometimes , I love open spaces and fresh air functions and  occasions)
Regularly check out the things in your bag and keep this as a habit, never carry the bag along as it is, this will reduce the unnecessary clutter from accumulating and make you feel light and happy, try it.
Do share what goes in your hand bag, and how much does it weigh!
All the Best from Rizwana!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Did I just weigh a Lot more on the Weighing Machine, check out your hand bag weight

Weight issues coming up just about everyone from the triangular shaped to the apple and pear shaped and even the lanky ones want to lose weight. Weight reduction is one of the priorities among many women and many go to extremes for attracting health risks and hazards in reducing weight.  While using weighing machines and checking weight do consider the weight of your hand bag, you will weight a lot lesser!
Fancy white Designer Womens purse

Black colorful unique geometric designer purse
Yes the weight of women’s hand bags have gone up from some few  to many kilos. No wonder the shoulder and hands ache after any occasion. The usual womens purses used to be made of leather or any material and weighted quite less, were sleek and clutches almost weighed like feathers. Today’s modern contemporary womens purse are a lot heavier and along with heavy embroideries and  sequins work and added texture and patterns the purse have also gone on a weight gain side. Our purses have gone on increasing weight and as we choose the larger sized purses we also carry more stuff that can go inside the bag thus also increasing more weight of your hand bag.
Check out the weight of your hand bag, do share the wonders! You will be so much relieved with the weight of your bag and your own reduced weight figure!

All the Best from Rizwana, Enjoy!
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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

How to choose womens purse according to body type simple guidelines carry the right type of purse according to your body shape

Your body shape has a lot to do with how your hand bag looks on with you. There are times when we see small petite women with very large bags and tall elegant ones with such a small designer clutch, that it fails to make a statement. Then there are some women who look great with the hand purse that it compliments their outfit as well as their figure. Let’s see some guidelines on how the body shape can have an effect on the type of purse we carry.
Broad shoulders and triangular shaped body accentuate with your hand bag, use long sling bags, hobo bags that accentuate the thin legs and waist. We want to shift the focus from the broad shoulders and balance the body shape.
Fancy designer black purse

Classic white purse

peach metallic colored fancy clutch purse
For those with broader hips and lower half part of body must select shoulder bags that cling nearer to the shoulders so that the shoulders appear to look broader and thus balance your body in shape. All the attention goes to the bag so the lower parts are balanced in your look for the triangular shaped body.
If you have a lean figure and almost rectangular shaped body type carry a bag that has some oomph , style and curves. The purses should have circular shape or design and fall not lower than the hips giving the right shape to your whole appearance and curvy and elegant.
For the hour glass figure, the best one that every women wants any hand bag does wonders to accentuate the style and attire for the perfect shaped woman body type.
The apple shaped body type, of the pear shaped body where top portion of body is heavier must select bags that fall lower than the hips to give the body a balanced look. Tote bags give a more stylized look and  do not focus more of the top portion of your body.
Go ahead get the bags, choose the purse that compliment your shape and your outfit, All the Best from Rizwana!