Sunday, July 20, 2014

How Much Weight is Your Hand Bag, ladies did you weigh your womens hand bag?

Weight of your hand bag and shoulder pain often go hand in hand, we are so obsessed with carrying the whole world in our bags, womens purse soften have many things inside, just like a Pandora’s magic box when opened you  will find unknown wonders inside.
Purple woman's hand bag Purse

Glittering Pink Ladies Purse

Best Womans hand bag purse

Large sized womans purse
Women have the habit of carrying many things in their purse. May be some things are really important but still many things can be skipped off for short trips and thus reducing the weight of your purse. Select things to add in your purse according to the time of the use and occasion, you will save a lot on the weight of your purse. And your trips will be more comfortable carrying your hand bags.
There is always a tendency to buy large sized bags to accommodate many thins inside but we often never think that  we will have to carry these purse in our hands or our shoulders are going to take the pain. 
Then there is also the hand bags which already weigh quiet a lot with the embellishments and embroideries which we do not consider and then adding up more things make the bags really weighty.
Cut out the clutter and enjoy!
All the Best from Rizwana!

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