Monday, July 28, 2014

How many Hours are you going to carry your hand bag choose bag accordingly health and your hand bags

The most important factor in buying hand bags is , yes first we all look at the physical beauty of the womens hand bag, the design and focus on the brand name associated with the womens bag, but one thing which we all skip and often regret is the time we are going to carry the hand bag.
Most times I am faced with shoulder pain and this goes on for many days after the occasion. Reason is simple which I have never given thought. The hours of carrying the heavy shpoudler bags are very important in your comfort and health.
Yes we choose the best quality bags but here the quality of bags does not come in picture, it is the size and weight of the hand bag that matters and the hours we are going to carry the bag over our shoulders. 
Clutches when carried for long hours can start pain in fingers and wrist.
Beautiful Beaded Clutch Purse

Fancy Bows on ladies Purse
For any occasion before buying a hand bag according to your dress color and occasion do give a thought to the time you are going to carry the bag and then choose accordingly the shape of your hand bag. If you are going for a wedding and will spend just a few hours then a clutch with minimum important things will suffice but for a day long occasion better divide the weight carry a shoulder bag that can be changed and given turns so that all the weight does not fall on one shoulder. 
How many Hours are you going to carry your hand bag choose bag accordingly health and your hand bags all are inter linked, give some thought, yoru shoulders will thank you!
All the Best from Rizwana!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

How Much Weight is Your Hand Bag, ladies did you weigh your womens hand bag?

Weight of your hand bag and shoulder pain often go hand in hand, we are so obsessed with carrying the whole world in our bags, womens purse soften have many things inside, just like a Pandora’s magic box when opened you  will find unknown wonders inside.
Purple woman's hand bag Purse

Glittering Pink Ladies Purse

Best Womans hand bag purse

Large sized womans purse
Women have the habit of carrying many things in their purse. May be some things are really important but still many things can be skipped off for short trips and thus reducing the weight of your purse. Select things to add in your purse according to the time of the use and occasion, you will save a lot on the weight of your purse. And your trips will be more comfortable carrying your hand bags.
There is always a tendency to buy large sized bags to accommodate many thins inside but we often never think that  we will have to carry these purse in our hands or our shoulders are going to take the pain. 
Then there is also the hand bags which already weigh quiet a lot with the embellishments and embroideries which we do not consider and then adding up more things make the bags really weighty.
Cut out the clutter and enjoy!
All the Best from Rizwana!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Do you know type of your hand bag Different types of hand bags for women their names

We love hand bags and every women is sure to have a collection of at least a few purses of different sizes and brands. As types of hand bags we hardly know what our hand bags are called and usually women almost always call every bag as a purse.
There are a few names given to each type of hand bag a women carries and it is called with a certain name. When purchasing branded designer purses and hand bags we often see the terms mentioned and do not understand what they may be referring. They are not only brand names , Gucci bags, Prada bags,  Giovanni bags, they are also named according to the size and shape of your womens bag. Each designer has different types of hand bags available and every designer store will have these different types of hand bags to cater to your needs.
Modern tote Bag

Womens Designer Purse

The comfortable Satchel bag womens bag Jhola eco friendly bag

Elegant Purple Clutch purse

Decent Leather Purse

Box shaped unique purple purse
Tote Bags straps and opens from top large enough to carry most of your things along with cosmetics
Hobo Bag or the Jhola
Free sprit square bag with one long sling , semi circular bag with one shoulder strap.
Cross body bags usually rectangular in shape and multi purpose used.
Evening hand bags, embellished designer bags with top opening usually in many beautiful shapes.
Clutch small held in hand or under the arm. Usually moist celebrities opt for designer branded clutches to complete their red carpet look.
Satchel bag the fluffy semi circular bag with two shoulder straps,  Satchels semi circular bags also with  one shoulder strap, good to carry most things .

Baguette bag medium sized hand bag with shoulder straps
Shoulder bag the traditional rectangular or square purse that we have been using,   gone a tremendous designer change and still rules as the most used purse.
Weekender bag of the back pack are also customized keeping in mind the things that women need to carry along with many sections for separate storing and easy convenience for finding the right objects at the right time.
Its about time you called your bag with its name and shape, Tote, Baguatte or a clutch!
All the best form Rizwana!