Thursday, June 5, 2014

Your Ladies Hand Bag Just Spilled Over Why Blame The Ladies Purse tips to avoid womens over flowing purse

How many times this has happened and many times or sometimes in our lives when all the things just spill over from your purse and not only are those surrounding us surprised but also we are embarrassed with the spill! Why blame it on the ladies purse?
Women have this habit of filling the hand bag, purse to the fill. There is a tendency to accumulate so much into the little designer price that there chances of spill over are as if a Pandora box is waiting to be opened. Why I term a women’s purse as a Pandora’s box, it actually is.
From personal items to cosmetics to the safety pins, hair clips and credit cards, to the smaller tissues and toothpicks, to the larger mobile phone tabs, there is just never enough space in one purse!
Old Patterned Ladies Large Purse

Colorful geometric Pattern Clutch

First of all buy a purse that fits your requirements, as in professional as well as your personal needs. Buying a costly designer hand purse and wishing to carry the world in it is no reasoning and then the poor purse has chances of spilling over the contents , mostly at unexpected moments!
Have different purses for different occasions and be selective in carrying the contents along. For a day job it is ok to add up personal things and cosmetics, but for a short outing you need just basic things according to your priorities. While a wedding purse is different you need not carry the whole world with you in this designer smaller clutch and can opt for special things that you cannot do without.
Large Womens Hand Purse
Be selective in adding contents in your purse. While it is ok to carry a lipstick and some simple cosmetics it is not advisable to carry the whole range of make up kit along every time. Think before you load it before going out, minimize to what is required and not available at the destination you are going.
Opt  for card money instead of paper money, save space. This we all know saves a lot of space but also do carry some amount as the autos and taxi’s here do not accept card!
Funky Ladies Purse
Buy a purse according to your requirements the one that has different sections. If you have the habit of carrying cosmetics, medicines, and other personal items along with cards, opt for a designer purse that can fulfill all these. Today we see many ranges and design in ladies purses where we are getting customize done according to our personal requirements. Keepings things organized will help to keep the purse organized and also you will know where each thing is while you need and not look out searching.
Red Sequins Fancy Purse
Off load some things that you never require from your purse. Yes many women have this habit of carrying the heavy weight purse everywhere and on all occasions. Be selective and narrow down to what you have never used in years, probably you never will later one. Chances are the purse will be much organized and clean.
And if you get caught up with the spill over, just blame it on the purse and continue assembling your things!

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