Monday, June 23, 2014

Carry a Heart Shaped Purse for Love and Happiness, symbolism of heart shaped womens purse

Carry your heart in your hand! Heart shape has been used to express love, happiness and freedom. While the shape of heart connects one to the heart and brings about emotions relating to love and happiness hearts shaped purses and clutches have been in womens bags designs since years.
Now they have become more acceptable and women who were bold would go in for heart shaped purses as this quite directly connects to the heart and brings a smile.
Elegant heart shaped clutch in grey and white
A heart shape is still considered an innocent and beautiful symbol and as small children love top draw hearts still it is one symbol that has universal appeal with everyone. In healing the shape of heart is symbolic of happiness and harmony.
Bright lime green heart shaped clutch
It is an healing energy the individuals wishes to spread and thus uses  symbol of heart. Hand bag purse designer shave been fascinated with this heart shaped symbol and it is also one representing  the sufi symbol that has heart shape with wings representative of freedom of the soul and happiness.
Hearts when made are divided into two sections and usually we see purses and womens clutch in heart shape with small openings at the top in golden or metallic lining. Then the large designer purses have the opening from either side or top in the same manner as the opening of the heart.
Then we see beaded heart shaped purses as well as embroidered fancy heart shaped purses. 

Leather designer heart shaped purse

Glittering purple heart shaped womens purse
The heart shaped purse has strong symbolism as it helps the carrier to open up and welcome progress and growth. The symbolic action of opening the purse with each use always brings about a behavioural and attitude change. So if you see some one angrier, irritable, gift them heart shaped purse! also when you wish to communicate love and friendship this heart shaped symbol is enough to connect instantly.
All The Best from Rizwana!
Light Lilac small designer clutch side opening
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