Thursday, May 15, 2014

Contemporary art paintings designs Printed on Ladies Purse

Paintings on your purse. With customized pieces rocking the fashion world the ladies hand bags and purses also are available in art  painting prints. One can easily buy an art printed hand clutch or bag with the choice of any artist artwork or pattern.
Art prints have come as a way for enjoying affordable art and this is transferring into all fields of our lives. Art that was once hung on walls and a treat only for the elite few has now come up in every home with people wearing art and living with art, having art prints on designer clothes, having art on designer branded jewellery, art prints on objects of desire like the customized laptops, mobile covers and writing pads note pads, calendars and lots more.  
Designer Ladies Purse
Art has made a prominent  place in the brands of hand bags and purses as contemporary art when transferred on purses gives a unique special look and also one for the limelight. Gucci, Prada and Versace all are open to art in their branded hand bags collections and it goes off well with their brand name apparels and season new collections as well.
Go in for reputed branded art paintings printed hand bags and make that desired special appearance on any occasion!
All the Best from Rizwana!

The Cluth Inspired by American Flag Red and Blue Colored Lines Ladies Clutch

Inspired by The American Flag Ladies Clutch
The American flag has been a source of inspiration for many and has come up in every object , be it from designer apparels, textiles, to ladies hand bags.
The American flag has lovely bright colors that give a bright vibrant appeal to any product. On the ladies clutch this flag shaped design gives a contemporary feel and it is modern for any formal as well as occasional outfits.
Bright ultramarine blue is a cool color and vibrant energy color red , contrast gives a neat defined look as against the backdrop of pure vibrant white. Lines look great and geometric patterns rock in any field and I love geometry and geometric prints.  
American Flag inspired clutch can be carried along with specific colored outfits,  white, black and plain blues and red can very well give your clutch a point of focus and symbol of style statement. 

The clutch with this design has a modern and contemporary look and  will not go very well with traditional zari work or embellished outfits. The design can be in full print or as a part of the whole white or contrasting color purse or hand bag.
Just that the Tab will have to be carried in the hand which is so not cool!
All the Best from Rizwana!