Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Fish Abstract Patterned Designer Womens Purses Fishes on Your Hand Bags

Abstract Fish Designs on Designer Womens Purses
Fishes, the word may bring a stink to your mind but the patterns of fishes rule even in the purse industry.As in Tibetan Buddhism two fishes swimming is considered to be a very lucky symbol representing easy flow in the life and emerging victorious in all life matters the symbol of fish seen on purse is a unique style statement.
Abstract colorful fishes on your purses not only look unique but also attract wealth luck,a s fishes in feng shui symbolize wealth and prosperity. A very good addition to your fancy designer purses collection fishes purse can only be carried with certain funky fancy outfits since it is a bold pattern. 
In sequined and glittering embroidered fancy clutches and hand purses or potli purses they can be carried with any outfit if they fall into the color of your festive outfit.
If you are not comfortable with the fish idea on your purses  there are abstract colorful fish designs on purses and jholas with mirror works which will only carry the outline shape of the fishes and be filled with attractive embroidery and sequins, very tough to resist!
As for fishes on your walls for good luck, fish paintings,
Sernya The Two Gold Fishes   9 Koi Fish Prosperity
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