Friday, January 17, 2014

Repair your Precious Antique Beaded Purse How to Take Care of Your Designer Beaded Ladies Purse Handbag

 Beaded hand bags and purses have always fascinated ladies as the traditional dresses look complete only when combined with royal embellished beaded designer purses. Designers go gaga over the concept of incorporating beads in their latest designer purses and every now and then a new collection of purses, bags and clutches comes up inspired by beads and stones.
As these pretty colored beads form shapes and forms usually the most favorite symbols are of birds and butterflies. Many designs earlier in 70s  saw more of sparrows, peacocks and cranes and of course peonies and roses , where colored beads were stitched, mostly by hand by skilled workers on the material to be then made into a clutch , purse or ladies hand bag.
Designer Branded Bead Hand Clutch
There was  pattern that was printed in white chalk and then the workers had to complete the embroidery over the material. Today with the onset of computer technology advancement workers do machine embroidery that may not be so firm and very often I have seen that one single thread comes out a bit the whole  line of beads go haywire!
Designers hence hire skilled embroiders who work on the designer pieces for beaded work. Designs have gone more contemporary and also the choice of colors has changed accordingly keeping up with the latest trends among designer branded outfits for ladies.
How to care for your designer beaded purse-
1) They are after all beads stitched or stuck up together, so it is but obvious they will not love water! Take care to avoid getting your beaded purse wet in rains or any functions involving water.  These designer bags love to be kept dry! reason-  a) the thread used for embroidery may wear off and become tight with water and chances of breaking increase.b) the material used for the purse may also react to water and respond as in becoming tight or loose.
 2) any liquid spill over your beaded purse may stain the beads and material spoiling your best piece forever! take care while drinking any soft drinks or any other drinks of your precious beads.
3) In case you see any damage in your beaded purse clutch or hand bag , some beads loose or threads coming off, contact the designer and get it repaired immediately, as with time one bead, more will follow and if you love this piece it will soon become history!
There are some who want to know what to do with their antique handed over precious beaded purses when they have a bald patch in your beaded purse? you can get similar beads and sew them or get them sewed by a professional and repair your antique beaded purse.
Beads are always in fashion and they also look great with silks and chiffons!
Heres Wishing All the Readers of The Perfect Hand Bags a Great happy 2014! Take Care and All the Best!

White Cranes Beaded Hand Purse

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