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Things Which we need to Repair and Replace in Womens Purses with Use Tips for choosing ladies purses

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 Things Which we need to Repair and Replace in Womens Purses with Use are never thought of when we are out to buy a ladies purse. Safety Tips for choosing purses is one aspect which many women never consider and often never pay attention to.
It is all but natural to look at the outside beauty of the hand bag, the colors, the work done and of course the price tag. Hardly we pay attention tot he zip, chains, hooks, handles and slings. very often I have seen that most women select the purse, bargain and then at the most try out the zips once and , the deal is final.
Within a few days the problems may begin if you use the purse to maximum full capacity.
1)Tears in outside leather or cover,
2)zips getting stuck up
3) handles with opening stitches,
are common problems we find with use of purses.
Overstuffing clutches with cosmetics and personal things is seen which results in the
4)lock getting loose and opening by itself.
In case you travel to work, then there are very many chances that the purse may get a cut or scratch which goes on increasing with use.
Decent Grey Pink Purse
Then the handles, they may give way if the bag is over loaded and heavy, usually threads from the sides and handles can be seen before the final break up.
Purses with magnetic locks and metal chains can either get stuck up or become loose with time, however hard you try to lock the magnetic lock it will open by itself.
repairs can be done by stitching from the purse makers who have specialized machines for stitching purses and repairing chains.
5)The inside of the purse is usually made on cloth and this wears off sooner with carrying cosmetics and sharp objects, like credit cards and hair brushes, hair clips,  in side the purse.
A womens purse has so many things, which we cannot do away without, choose your purse considering your personal requirements.
You pay a good price for Designer purses and hence it is advisable we use them with care. Select purses according to occasions and your personal profession and lifestyle. There is no point in buying a designer sleek sequined embroidered purse when you cannot carry your tab,  in side. It is a perfect fashion faux to be seen carrying your mobile phone in hand with a designer outfit and a designer purse!
Hanging Metal Chains Sling Purse
The tough ladies hand bag for work and office traveling.
The sleek purse clutch for simple outing to the nearby market.Where  you are sure you will not need cosmetics and extra accessories.
Designer Clutch
The elegant golden or silver embellished purse for weddings and special festive occasions.
The unique funky purse for that wow factor in your college.
The big ladies bag for adding the whole world inside!(it is quite famous that womens purse seems a place where they are always  lost to find out their things!)
Till date I have found the sleek purses just add up space and never come to use in practically. The ones I have bought for sheer beauty have been parted with as  they have never fulfilled my requirements of a ladies purse. The things which must always be with us are CASH and MOBILE! the rest of the things adding in the womens purse depends upon every woman, like basic cosmetics and medicines.
Do share your experiences , of any special ladies purse you have bought or wish to buy  or your experiences with any  designer purses or you collection of  beauties!.
Happy Shopping!

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