Monday, November 25, 2013

Unique Different Shaped Weird Designer Womens Purses

Furry Lion Antique  Womens Purse
Weirdest, unique, antique , different shaped purses.  So now we have moved on from the traditional shapes and colors. Funky, weird, antiques are in fashion. You can now flaunt your status and style with designer antique purses. Most of these are available online and if you are over with the common shaped purses move on to something weird and unique!
Barrel shaped Designer Antique purse

Designer Blue Book shaped purse

Unique Weird Hand Made womens Bag from jeans

The Cosmetics Box, shaped womens designer bag

Antique telephone shaped designer purse

Round ball shaped designer beaded purse

Heart shaped designer purse

Crystals sequins Duck shaped antique designer purse
All the Best!


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