Saturday, November 23, 2013

Butterflies and Peacocks on Your Designer Purses Symbolism and Why Designers Use this Bird Designs in Purses

Embroidered Butterfly design on designer ladies purse
 Butterflies and peacocks have always shown up in ladies purses and most famous designers opt for these prints and designs in embroidered purses as women love to have these colorful birds designs.
Peacocks are  a favorite among designers as this beautiful  bird has its own beauty.
Why do designers choose peacocks designs? 
No one can argue about the most beautiful moment when a peacock opens its beautiful feathers in happiness and ecstasy before the rains.
Peacock Shaped Embroidered Sequins Ladies Purse
It is this symbolism that represents happiness, love for their mate and  the rain dance that make peacock designs a favorite among designers as well as women buyers of these bird print purses.
Butterflies prints and embroidered designer purses also for the same reason rule the ladies hand bags industry.
Some how this happiness is also transferred to the women who carry these designer purses. Hence we see that a peacock does make an important place in our hand bags closet.What with the lovely sequins, embroidered purses, and colorful patterns this is a sure beauty that makes a style statement when carried to any function.
Butterflies , in so many different colors, designs , natural patterns, a unique creation of God. This gives purse designers a free hand to experiment and explore new patterns and we all know nature is the best influence and a creative inspirer to all. This pattern represents abandon, freedom and happiness.
Bird prints shaped purses  also give a definite new shape and design to the hand bag , a welcome change from the old pattern rectangular  or square purses.

Fishes on ladies Designer hand bags
A much bolder change we notice in womens hand bags are the funkier prints on purses and other type of womens bags. From fish prints to owl prints and   even bat prints  are now seen in womens designer hand bags.
All age group of women are ready to accept new patterns, shapes and designs in hand bags as long as they can carry our stuff!

Funky Owl Print on Designer  Hand bags

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