Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Abstract Pattern Ladies Hand Bags 5 Tips for choosing to buy abstract Patterns in ladies Hand bags

Abstract Pattern Ladies Purse
Red Abstract Design

 Abstract patterns on womens purse are ruling now in the latest trends in ladies hand bags. Usually this comes after enjoying the many colors in womens purses and bags.  As of first every women just goes in for black or brown as these hand bags can be paired along with any outfit. Then of course we now see so many bold patterns and colors ranging from reds, oranges, funky pinks, lime greens and so on. I love my purple purse, for its royal feel, except  that I have to take care while pairing it with reds or vibrant colors, it goes off well with   black outfits.
Royal Purple Ladies purse
Black and White Abstract Pattern Roll On Designer Clutch

Designer Rag Womens Purse
Designers have gone out of the way with funky designs and hand bags and as there are no rules here, it all depends on how bold you are and how well you can carry off any funky abstarct colored designer clutch or purse with flair.
Some advice  when buying abstract designer  purses-
1) Do select the one that is comfortable and can accommodate all your important "necessary things", the ones you always carry in your purse.
2)As for colors and patterns  do not go over board and select just what is in fashion, if you do not like animal prints do not buy a funky designer animal print purse as you will never  be comfortable in carrying the bag.
3) While buying branded designer bags with abstract designs  online do consider  the right colors they come in. You may go in for an funky orange but the product you get may be a brownish orange, so surf before you click on the buy now button.
4) Just a thought, being an healing artist I have to mention that muddy colors, too vague patterns  and wild bloody prints may not have a good effect on your psyche. I am here mentioning about the rage in womens fashion,  which many celebrities are flaunting, (next post for this) I just am too away from such art! this does not in any way mean to hurt any person or designer by any way, its fashion, you may as well go along, if you wish.Neither do I wish to influence your choice of bought designer bags in any way.
5) Abstract colorful prints are wonderful choice for any womens hand bags and purses as they may have a combination of colors and patterns. Buying an  abstarct pattern designer bag will give you a lot more choice in using your hand bag with many outfits and occasions.
Possessions A Symbolic Abstract Painting on Canvas Year 2000
Abstract designs rule not only in paintings but also in textiles and wall papers. Abstract designs are   open to interpretation and  thus bring in a factor of fantasy and excitement.
While you can get an unique bag abstract designs on your  purse or clutch are very good show stoppers in any crowd!

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