Monday, October 21, 2013

Funky Flourescent Colored Womens Large Hand Bags Latest Trends

Funky Fluorescent Colored Women's Purses
Latest trends seen in womens hand bags is the larger the better! Yes today over sized hand bags are quite a rage among teenagers as well as sophisticated class!
College going young girls love fluorescent colored purses and hand bags and flaunt the bags with funky outfits. There is no looking back with shocking Fuchsias and bright yellows as cerulean blues and lime greens all are a welcome in the collection of womens hand bags.
Black purses and hand bags universally acceptable and going along with any outfit and any occasion , now are considered boring and have taken a bit back seat. While we still love the feel and texture of original black leather hand bags the others have gradually made a liking and important place in the bags collection without age or professional factors coming in way.
Larger the better as we all know our womens hand bags bags are always and always stuffed till neck with I don't  know what, but womens purses seems always bulging out , just on verge of tearing most of the times. While adding things stuffing is a common trait all our clans follow and this sure is a wonderful pandoras box  and quite a topic of interest to see what is in the womens hand bag!
Large  sized , overly large sized ladies hand  bags though sometimes  look a bit out of proportion , especially for the small framed women they have made their place and are here to stay! utility and convenience have taken the front seat!and colors  rule our lives.
Purple Colored Womens Purse
Large variety of Womens Purses Hand Bags
Purple and pinks along with yellows are my favorite and they sure attract attention any place.
While buying large cotton womens hand bags of funky colors one must take care to buy good quality bags as the color bleeds even with sweat and may spoil your outfit and make an embarrassing situation. Usually jholas of mirror works   are quite in fashion but the shocking pinks, greens and the reds oranges bleed quite a lot and especially avoid bring out these cotton fancy hand bags in rains!(unless of course you are wearing an multi colored outfit!

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