Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Flower Shapes Designs in Designer Branded Womens Hand Bags

Designer Flower shaped womens hand bag
Different shapes, designs, fancy womens hand bags with lots and lots of variety in hand bags   the new trend is   to  experiment with various shapes in womens hand bags.  
Fancy designer womens hand bag
Chanced upon this beautiful flower shaped designer branded  womens hand bag. While we used to have fancy hand bags and purses with the same square , rectangle shaped outer case and texture as well as colors, as the trend setters are now moving from general clear colors to fluorescent and sparkling shiny colorful hand bags women are now even flaunting new fancy shapes in hand bags.
Lotus flower shaped hand bag
Circular shaped potli womens bags are now going along with not only traditional outfits but also with western wear as in leather potli purses.
Flower shaped hand bags are not only large and fancy but also have the same utility aspect with them. As they open out from the mouth of the flower there is enough space when you select a multi purpose womens hand bag.
Detachable, extensions, folding bags are a rage as they can be folded to slim zero figure size hand purse, clutch when not required and can be opened according too needs as large womens hand bag.
What an idea a multi purpose hand bag for various occasions, as was seen the hand bag that could be folded in , out and changed color and also the texture of the bag, so now it is green grey furry bag and now it becomes red sparkling silky!

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