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Branded Ecofriendly Reusable Bags Hand bags made of paper and cloth

Branded Eco friendly bags
 Eco friendly, reusable and save the environment bags are the way of  today as we are now realizing the importance of what plastic has on the earth. Early days our families used to use bags made of  cloth, these are the best, reusable. As after use the cloth bags could be washed umpteen times and would be known as the favorite bazaar bags, milk bags, and fruit bags. Each shopping need had separate bags, and very often grandmothers would not like using bags for milk to be used for any other purchases, of course for the smell of milk.
Silk red em

Designer cloth jhola
Buying new clothes and children's school stationary had different hand bags as these needed to be dry and smell free.
Reusable hand bags
 Till today with the awareness to save earth reusable bags still rock! one they can be sued many times , and second they can be disposed off easily without harming the environment soil, as they decompose degrade sooner and mix with the soil.
Reusable plastic thick bags
 There are certain rules to be followed when using plastic bags as plastic use is banned, a certain thickness of microns size bags can be sued officially and many branded product companies use these still. Many have made the change towards eco friendly bags with paper and hand made paper bags ruling the bags market.
Bags from Jewellers Tribhovandas Bhimji Javeri
While selecting cloth bags, you can opt for fancy cloth bags today that have sequinned and detailed painted   or hand embroidered work on the sides, which makes it enough fancy bag for any age group to carry comfortably and with fashion.
While using plastic thick bags it is advisable to wash the bags after use  like buying vegetables or fruits and dry off well to reuse again. As black plastic bags on minimum thickness are banned for sue they clog the drainage and lead to flooding during rains, still we see many shop owners going along breaking the  rule.
What you can do- carry your own bags as far as possible when you go to buy groceries or vegetables fruits, and try to refuse black plastic bags , do your little bit if possible. It is a great habit to carry thick plastic bags folded in your pant pockets or hand bags so that you may use them whenever you do window shopping of purchase vegetables fruits on the go.
Cloth bags, need not be the traditional square shape or rectangular bags with cloth handles, fancy printed, designer bags today are available and also look great and can be used for  shopping purposes that go along with any outfit.
Today we also see thick cloth bags coated with a layer of hand made netted cloth or paper that gives it extra strength and toughness.

So while Titan and Tanishq have branded name bags we see many jewelers and designer clothes line have their own designer bags.

Change to eco friendly hand bags and do your bit for the environment.
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  1. Paper bag is attractive and look good compare to plastic bag.


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