Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Buying Hand Bags from Shopping Malls Versus Original Single Branded Stores

Branded Ladies Handbags in Malls
 Ladies hand bags and designer purses are best bought from shopping malls and shopping centre branded stores with a wide range of variety  to view and of course in the comfortable environment of the malls buying becomes a pleasant process. Malls and shopping centres are now in full swing with the climate outside gloomy and wet. rainy season is the time when most of us flood to  malls and shopping centers and what best are usually tempted to take a bite and of course shop for  what we love.

I love shopping malls and stores of branded ladies hand  bags as they have a lot of variety and different brands under one roof. Visiting original stores of a  single brand has some limitations as to  they show you only that particular brand in ladies hand bags though we cannot complain as  any famous designer brand name has a lot of variety in sizes and shapes of hand bags. A sure treat for  any fan of a particular brand and people rarely change brands.
Many ladies are hoppers  in shopping who love to buy what we love.Sticking to one brand sometimes limits our choices and especially when you are the one who buys with visual appealing type who love to buy what you see and like at first glance rather than thinking about the reliability and durability of the purse. Then there are those , the loyal followers, who come every time to the  same brand store, who stick to the brand in ladies purses.
Going back to the same stores to see fresh stocks is another buying trend as many ladies prefer to   shop along with friends and what best way to spend time (and money!) than a mall or shopping centre with the comforts from the outside gloomy weather.
While  buying from branded stores in malls prefer to keep the bill for some time till you have used  the ladies purse hand bag for some time as they all have some warranty period for damages in stitching or stuck up chains. While selecting a hand purse or bag do consider your personal tastes and life style  as you will be using the ladies purses at occasions where your personal things have to fit into the piece selected.
I have spent a lot on ladies purses over the years, most ladies do, often looking at the exterior and never of my needs. The purses though look so beautiful , attractive pieces, have always given me a trying time when  I have too attend any functions. The war of tucking as many things into the small delicate designer purse is what all ladies would agree with, a challenging task before attending any function. Many times  even cash would be difficult to squeeze in the tiny beautiful designer pieces! change is no no with small purses, and credit cards are the only option which I am afraid are still not universally accepted, leave aside glares and   spectacles if you have one and may be needing them. 
A decent mature  shopper now, "sometimes",  though I love a piece of purse of  hand bag I do consider what occasion this bag will come  along with me.
A hand bag for trips sure can be a huge bigger sized one but a  occasion and festive time use  one has to be sleeker and more fancy. A shocking vibrant funky designer purse may be be for outings  and trips but cannot go along as a combination to a heavy sequined festive outfit. There are no rules here and all depends upon your individual   preferences and style.
Buying Ladies Hand bags from Shopping Malls and stores
Buying from shopping malls  any ladies purse has big advantages as you get to visit the store and once they know you remember you as a frequent shopper of hand  bags, in case of any problems (sometimes even if you don't  like the bag on reaching home) are a also willing to exchange the bag within few  days. Many people thus love to shop from malls and shopping centers for the reason of variety and the variety for designer bags available under one roof.
There are beautiful ladies latest bags now that are collapsible and can be made into different sizes keeping the beauty of the original ladies purse intact.  love this universal ladies branded purse  type. One with customized sections also would be great so that when we need more space we can make it and when we need a sleek purse it can be folded back into a small purse.
happy shopping ladies hand bags and purses, a love which no lady can deny, a welcome gift to every woman, and  a frequently bought accessory for all ladies.


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