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Pink Color Purse of Love Feng Shui Symbolism of Pink Purse

Pink colored  purses are now in fashion and not only young collegiate choose  shocking fuchsia colored  tops and pants even the clutches  and womans bags  are made in shocking shades  and hues of pinks.
Pink designer Sling Purse

Designer Pink decent Purse

Traditional Silk material designer branded clutch
Pink , the color of love and harmony has been used in form of romantic love as of in rose petals of pink, but in case of clutches and hand bags designers have gone ahead and used  as many shades of pink  as  possible from light baby pink to darker shocking pink to magenta and the darkest pinks.

Pink colored bags which was once upon a time frowned as gay color is now in the open and universally accepted as the color of love. With pink lipsticks a must , the  pink clutch, pink womans purse hand bags,  has made a  way to every womans collection of bags.
Pink Heart womens purse
1-While choosing to buy a pink purse one must understand that this pink colored hand bag or purse may not go with every outfit and also will be used only on some occasions. 
2- Usually designers try to make pink purses in small size to make it an highlighter in your outfit ensemble. So finding a large purse may be difficult sometimes,  but there are no rules.
3- Pink colored purses may go well with white and soft colored outfits  but look quiet jarry with dark colored dress.
4- If you are the sober type or the eclectic type will show off in your selection of shades of pink purse.  Pastel pinks in purse do well with glittering sequins and stones. Darker forms of pink purses will take away the attention from you and lead the eye to your purse.
5- Shocking Vibrant Pink purses often bring attention to them more that other colors,even from far, so be alert from purse snatchers who  eye on ladies purses.

6- Pink colored purses can be carried by any woman of any age group , nowadays the blend of pink into various styles of hand bags by designers has brought open this color of love in form of beautiful hand bags and clutches.
7- While choosing to buy a pink purse remember that all your needs must be fulfilled with this pink clutch or  womans pink purse. I have had many problems while I love purses not all of my valuables go in. And as with black or brown or maroon colored purses it is possible  to carry another bag with pinks it is very difficult to carry another colored bag along.
8- Feng shui symbolism of pink colored purse is great. Pink being the color of love and healing relationships it spreads vibrant waves of love to others. Wherever you carry the color pink the touch heals you and soothes your senses, and also spreads the love energy everywhere. Used with pink stones designs and patterns on pink purse this is the best gift for any woman to receive from their partner strengthening the bond of love.

Pink color goes well for festive and formal occasions as well as informal ones.  
Even antique copper colored purse as base with embroidered work on the purse looks great. There are so many options and shades hues in pinks that pink is here to stay, be it your t shirt, shirt, top with noodle straps or the womens purse.
Antique silver work designer clutch
You can make a statement entry to any occasion by wearing a white sequined dress or saree and carrying a pink colored clutch  A black or brown formal pants attire can also be uplifted with a small pink hand purse.  or Of course if you wish to be a riot of colors  you may wear your style, in reds   oranges browns greens  and go along with pink purse!
Healing the Heart Symbolic Painting by Mrs Rizwana A.Mundewadi

 I  have always wanted to have my healing paintings transferred on clutches designer handbags and materials, textiles and designers sarees would look and feel great wearing healing art all the way close to your body healing all the chakras, especially pink for the heart chakra. Ladies pink purse would be a great style statement, carrying art,  when combined with healing powers of healing symbolic artworks.
While on this spiritual journey of The Red Pilgrim, as I continue to paint healing art, I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals. 


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