Friday, May 3, 2013

Is it Ok to Change Artists Statements How to Write Good Artist Statements For Online Galleries - by Rizwana A Mundewadi Portfolio
How to write good artists statement is one thing on every artists mind. Changing artist statements is seen as years progress and the artist develop their unique style of painting, we see how many famous artists have begun with painting still life landscapes and moved over to abstraction and vice versa.
Not to mention how the market has influenced their body of work over they years , some have changed by will, some according to the market sales meter and some due to boredom of repeating painting in the  same style over and over again!
I have been into symbolism and moving on to stronger symbolism using Reiki symbols of higher level, Buddhism symbolism. Symbolism has always been and will always be an important part of my body of work. I do indulge in loads of colors which sometimes feel  will try out inks and pens.  As for now am studying , finding information, have been greatly influenced by the sufiyanas , a great singing style in praise and love of God, since the past year on sufism and hope to make few works in the next few years, hope so.
Statements are very important , for both you as an artist as well as your art lovers, they give the viewer and your art lovers a direction of where you are heading. But hopping from one style to another in a short span is not a very good sign of a stable artist and remember art collectors and art lovers need to be surprised often but not too often!
Writing artist statement for online art galleries  is very important , you as artist have too communicate with the viewer in a short span of thirty seconds and if you get their interest they look at your work or they move ahead! select your word carefully while writing yoru artists statements , you have to live your statements.
Do not go on and on about your style of work, your number of paintings and your past sales, leave that to the viewer to look att when they get your interest.
Keep it simple, writing for online art gallery your artists statement, using heavy grammatical theatrical language does not do the trick, you may have very good knowledge of art and art terms, many viewers don't understand language of theatre and art, and will not admit this.
In your artist statement, here I do not know, it is my personal opinion, never share your life for the sake of sales. People buy the artsist and not just their work, and as Jack White had mentioned in his post,you will do a single sale on sympathy factor but what next, people , art  buyers, do not like to buy from a starving poor artist, people like to flaunt their art'.
Find another source of income and enjoy what you do most painting!   Keep painting.  'A rolling stone does not gather moss"
While using strong artist statements for your online art gallery portfolios, write it and  keep to it, people out there are not to be bluffed with anything. In fact, the truth works best for everyone. Use as less words as possible to communicate why you paint and what you love to paint.
While on this spiritual journey as I continue to paint healing art..
I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals. Portfolio

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