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Tips for Selecting Golden Color Womens Purse Feng Shui Symbolism Golden Colour Designer Handbags

Golden color hand bags and purses seem to add up to the jewellery worn during festivals and functions and when added with colored gemstones and fabric of velvet or  satin silk the hand bags and clutches are  what every women wants.
Golden color hand bags and golden purses  look very good on most festive occasions and festivals. Not only does golden color go with every colored outfit it also adds up to the fashion statement style of  your ethnic wear.
Golden Color Simple Designer Batua Potli Hand Purse

Every girl, women or young lady has at least one purse or clutch in golden colored fabric  or embroidery. Golden purses can be used with most dresses  and outfits to improve your personality and add grace. Even a small golden accessory like ring, pearl or antique gold icon on your hand purse will add up to your formal wear with a back leather, dark blue or brown pure leather background.
Colour gold has become synonymous with prosperity and wealth and in feng shui it symbolizes wealth and good luck. Gold being the ultimate color of wealth, as in gold feng shui coins and lucky ship gold coins feng shui masters advice carrying a golden purse, golden handbag or golden clutch gives a message to the universe to attract more wealth and good luck towards you.

Tips  while selecting golden colour designer women purses and handbags-
Everyone loves gold! can you carry it well, think about your personality and if you will be comfortable with a golden purse in your hand as it sure draws too much attention, and if you love to be the eye centre of attention very well go ahead and purchase the designer bold style golden purse or big womens hand bag.
If you are a bit quiet type, not reserved , but , to talk no nonsense type, and wish to remain so then you  may buy purse of neutral colour adding up an accessory of gold  to your designer purse.
Very attractive purse and hand bag accessories are available   as add ons to your personalized hand bags.
Golden accessories for hand bags and purses in golden colour metal may be angels, birds, golden butterflies, rings, geometric shapes in gold, ghungroos  or small round balls making a pleasant sound, bells and many many more as  per your personal designer taste and your personality.
Funky collegians shy away from traditional golden bags but when combined with vibrant shocking pinks and tangy orange hand bags golden accessories sure make you the centre of attention in college fests and formal functions as well.

Designer Branded Black Golden Purse

Buying a full golden color big bag sure needs loads of attitude, and many big brands and bag designers are producing such bold designs to make a fashion statement.
Important tip while buying designer  handbags in golden color, they sure cost a lot,Usually go in for golden colour with  dark violets, red and maroons, browns and blacks for universal use on any festive occasions. When you choose only gold this also can be used on many dresses and having universal color base helps to use the hand bag, purse or batua on other occasions, other dresses also. Think carefully about your wardrobe ranges in colors you wear most during  functions and try to buy a bag or purse that can be used on different occasions and different apparel.

Golden purse Feng Shui Symbolism
While choosing golden colored womens purse take a look at the materials used as some may be cheap silk or  cheap material and tear easily on few uses.
While focusing on  the color of your golden designer purse do not forget to look at the sections provided and whether the golden coloured bag will fulfill your needs of carrying your personal items in it, the main purpose of the purse or hand bag.
Designer Gold work Batua purse
Also do check out on the firmness  and stability of the bag, the zips, and stick ons, how many items will the bag hold without looking over flowed,   and not only the golden bags external beauty aspect.
.While buying golden coloured designer hand bags  do not spend too much on a single purse clutch  or hand bag as we all know, however good condition the purse  is in, and however much we have paid for it,  after a few uses we just have to move on!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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