Saturday, April 20, 2013

5 Buying Tips Check Before Buying Womens Hand Bags and Designer Purse

Chain Zip Check before buying womens hand bags
 Womens designer purse, womens designer branded hand bags and fancy womens purses ,w e buy and indulge in different types of womens hand bags. A womens purse is not just a bag to hold possessions and cosmetics  but a much more, adding up to the style quotient and making a style statement with your entry with your designer purse.
Internal check of womens purse before buying

Womens hand purse buying tips

what to look for before buying womens purse
 Things  to look for, tips for buying womens purse,  a  simple guide to buy good womens hand bags-
buying guide for womens designer hand bags purses

important tips for purchasing womens clutch purse
1) first choose the color you would love and also a womens hand bag or purse that can go with a few dresses if not all. Specific colors like vibrant shocking pink will only go with few dresses, while a black or brown maroon can be used on different occassions. Vibrant red, tangy orange, fluorescent green are some designer hand bag colors that go with special dresses.
2) Check the external outside of your purse or hand bag.  stitching , fancy colored threads,  metallic gold silver,  used may look good but see whether the stitching is secure.
3) Check the sections suits your purpose or not. Can the womens purse carry what ever you need in your hand bag always or for the particular occasion.
4) Check the closing fixtures, magnets, hooks, chains, zips, inter  locking chains, whether they are of good quality and firm. Shiny metal looks good but will they hold the bag securely with your belongings.
5) Is the price worth the womens designer hand bag purse, the material sued, the accessories and the sections inside will help you to decide whether it is worth buying   this womens designer  branded  hand bag purse.
However much women  indulge   in ladies designer handbags , buy clutches, purses,  they are never enough, women love hand bags and purses and as I  keep adding all  the  best to you too, keep buying!

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