Monday, March 11, 2013

Company of Good people, Artists - by Rizwana A Mundewadi Portfolio

Company of good people is a must, it is as good like visiting a perfume shop, whether you buy it or not you are bound to receive the fragrance, having good company is essential for every artist, as we are influenced by the people we are surrounded with, it is important that every artist be connected in some or other way to other artists.

Never let other peoples failures affect you, except for the purpose of learning. It is very easy today to get demotivated by observing other peoples failures, rejections, learn and move on. Problems rejections failures are for everyone, the strongest person is the one who knows when and how to get up, get back!

This is bound to be a long jurney so have observed, artists have been there along, for years and years, following your heart, keep your passion alive, be wary of depressive people, those who are always pessimistic, be an optimist, and be near optimists. Questions will come up, why , how and when, do not let the loud voices, hear the little voice and go on.

meet artists in art galleries, visit online galleries, make friends with artists in real as well as online, and very important keep making art, you never realise so many people are looking up to you, do not let them down.

working for success will make you a master of it, but working for satisfaction will make you a legend. Masters are everywhere but legends are few, keep going! 

I wish to make simple abstract colorful understandable symbolic art, art that heals! Portfolio

Friday, March 8, 2013

Why I Love Sling Bags Designer Sling Bags Jholas

Jholas were seen among sadhus and hermits and artists and now as I love the utility and carefree way of carrying a sling bag many women are now opting for this bags option among others for daily use.
Traditional Jhola Designer Bag
Jholas are found in many designs and patterns. from ethnic mirror works to patch work to leather sling bags and textured jute ones , you see many many varieties in sling bags today in the market. From cheap ones made of single layered fabric to multi sectioned and multi textured sling bags jholas can go with any outfit, except for the formal meeting where a leather office bag is preferred over the funky one, as it has to go along with the formal dress.

Mirror work traditional cloth bag

Mirror work sequins Designer branded Jhola bagg
Jholas were and are still seen adorning the precious shoulder of artists as the bag is a large open section that can carry any size of note pads, art materials and sketch books that artists carry. College going gals prefer to have traditional and ethnic sling bags as they make a style statement and immediately draw attention to the person, one way to get the limelight! Your simple casual college outfit is elevated to upper class style by a traditional worked designer sling bag.
The fabrics stitched in large free size, or a small one with art works, rajasthani sling bags jholas are very famous everywhere around the globe. The cloth handles, bands of cloth stitched to the sling,  make it easy to keep grip and do not fall off from our shoulders while carrying.
Fancy pink jhola bag
Why i love sling bags, the sheer reason of comfort level they provide in adding just about anything from cosmetics to books to  shopping of clothes and even emergency indulgence in buying fruits and vegetables! carrying it over the shoulder makes our hands free and the sling bag is most for the carefree attitude persons who love to live on their own terms.
Silk material hand bag
While you carry your bag , any bag the style in which you carry tells a lot about your individual nature and personality. If you leave the bag behind your back and feel free to walk without thinking about your bag you are the carefree type living life with each moment as it comes. You are not very much bothered about the contents of your bag and only take charge of the bag when you need it or reach your destination. If you hold the edges of your sling bag while walking that means that you are a no nonsense person, you like to be in control of your belongings and your life. While you see the sling bag coming in front and walking while the bag is in your sight, you are a bit possessive about your belongings and also a safety concerned being. Some people just let the jholas take its place , any how, not much bothered about style of carrying, another rebel seen , living life on their terms, this also indicates and open personality very open to change and making new friendships.
I love sling bags for the reason anything fits into their belly and does not look conspicuous, and the freedom to carry any how and any where , usually for daily needs, not for festive or formal occasions though the jholas are much for daily use, though sometimes they can add up as travelling bags for impulsive picnics and weekend trips!