Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Red Purse Designer Purses in Red Feng Shui Money Luck Red Purse

Red color purse, an fascinating color, red always brings in lots of energy. Red color has been a symbol or energy, good luck and wealth since ages and even in feng shui a red purse or red hand bag is considered very auspicious to attract wealth and money into your life.
The Red Purse
Red a bold color and as I have come over the obsession still keep searching for red purses wherever I see any hand bags. Red bring confidence, lots of energy and also is a symbol to make a fashion statement. After I have written this post on red purse on feng shui simple cures blog, I see many people buying red purses and hand bags. With a few years back red color for purse or hand bags was only considered for special occasion or for some bold college going youngsters only.
Red Designer  Purse
Majority of the people would shy away from the color red as it brought attention to the purse directly.In feng shui red color is symbolic of wealth and prosperity and a red purse would multiply the effects of good luck and wealth. having symbolic Chinese coins in the red purse would add another new energy to your wealth.

Red Designer Branded  Purse

Designer Red Traditional  potli  Purse
Another simple explanation would be that red is a prominent color and there are less chances of you losing your purse or forgetting it. As red is a great color for improving memory and sharpness of vision you can never miss a red purse. Sequins, beads, color patch work, and the formal purse with the traditional red purse anything does to improve your mood and environment confidence, except just don't go over board with the fascination of red, and carry a red purse for a formal board meeting!.here neutral colors are best for office and work environments.
Sequins Embellished Designer Batua
Designer red purses are available in many patterns and sizes. from the clutch to hand purses , the large red bags to travel bags red color rules the hand bag sections today. If you wish to make a style statement enter with a bold color red purse and sure all eye will be on you!

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