Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Humble Batua, Traditional and Ethnic inThe Bag Collection

Traditional Embroidered  Designer Batua
The humble Batua as it was called has now become quite trendy and designer. As our grand mothers used to have hand made embroidered bataus, colorful , sequinned and made with lots of love, their uniqueness and style as it was used during occasions , the humble batua has still remained in our bag collection.
Simple Potli Batua Purse

Cloth Batua Traditional Purse
The string which was used to tie the batua for closing it has too changed from a simple colorful thread to a more refined art work. the batua to day is made of many types of materials and varieties, ranging from jute to cotton to silk and velvet.
The small wonder as was forgotton few years back, as old fashioned,   now finds a prominent place in every bag collection. With designers making their stamp over this functional bag, the batua is a simple small bag made usually of cloth, and the rest is ,outer part is decorated accordingly, from sequins to mirrors to colorful rags! We even find ranges in all prices and as the road side stall sells a batua for few rupees the designer ones cost a great deal. Some designers also use real diamonds, gold or silver thread, and also real gemstone incorporated in designing the batua.
Fancy Floral Print Batua
The original batua had only one section which was tied with string thread which would be pulled off for closing the batua after adding money, paan or supari or any personalized make up items. Cloth batuas can also be used to store jewellery items as it protects jewellery from getting abraised or scratched. Now designer batuas have sections made in the small size and we can store different things separately in the same batua.
Glitter Embellished Designer Batua
A very good addition that goes well with ethnic, traditional and also modern outfits. A simple cloth batua is handy even while going for a walk adding mobile phone and keys or also for festive occasions and family functions where in the decorated batua, sequineed and sparkling, finds a prominent place with our glamorous traditional ethnic outfit.

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