Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Gem Stones Embroidered Designer Purse

Gem stones have fascinated me since childhood, but since past few years they have become very prominent in my life, especially with understanding their healing properties. I love their sparkle, shine and the reflected aura of each and every stone.
Glittering Red Batua Purse
A rose quartz as used to heal all heart issues, and develop compassion and love, the Tourmaline another great stone , bluish black especially used by healers as a protection stone, there are many precious and semi precious gemstones.

Diamonds are and will always be the first love for any woman and they have universal appeal, there are others like the beautiful serene Amethyst, yellow tournamline, the gold tournamline and the sapphire and emerald that people love.
rare antique gemstone silver purse
Stone jewellery as in fashion people are becoming more and more aware of their healing properties of different gemstones. Raw stones are another very good way to heal the body and soul as they are charged with energy from the earth and the rest of elements found in nature.

Designer Black Velvet clutch

Sequins Black Colorful Designer Purse

Embroidered stone Designer Purse

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