Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Gem Stones Embroidered Designer Purse

Gem stones have fascinated me since childhood, but since past few years they have become very prominent in my life, especially with understanding their healing properties. I love their sparkle, shine and the reflected aura of each and every stone.
Glittering Red Batua Purse
A rose quartz as used to heal all heart issues, and develop compassion and love, the Tourmaline another great stone , bluish black especially used by healers as a protection stone, there are many precious and semi precious gemstones.

Diamonds are and will always be the first love for any woman and they have universal appeal, there are others like the beautiful serene Amethyst, yellow tournamline, the gold tournamline and the sapphire and emerald that people love.
rare antique gemstone silver purse
Stone jewellery as in fashion people are becoming more and more aware of their healing properties of different gemstones. Raw stones are another very good way to heal the body and soul as they are charged with energy from the earth and the rest of elements found in nature.

Designer Black Velvet clutch

Sequins Black Colorful Designer Purse

Embroidered stone Designer Purse

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Red Purse Designer Purses in Red Feng Shui Money Luck Red Purse

Red color purse, an fascinating color, red always brings in lots of energy. Red color has been a symbol or energy, good luck and wealth since ages and even in feng shui a red purse or red hand bag is considered very auspicious to attract wealth and money into your life.
The Red Purse
Red a bold color and as I have come over the obsession still keep searching for red purses wherever I see any hand bags. Red bring confidence, lots of energy and also is a symbol to make a fashion statement. After I have written this post on red purse on feng shui simple cures blog, I see many people buying red purses and hand bags. With a few years back red color for purse or hand bags was only considered for special occasion or for some bold college going youngsters only.
Red Designer  Purse
Majority of the people would shy away from the color red as it brought attention to the purse directly.In feng shui red color is symbolic of wealth and prosperity and a red purse would multiply the effects of good luck and wealth. having symbolic Chinese coins in the red purse would add another new energy to your wealth.

Red Designer Branded  Purse

Designer Red Traditional  potli  Purse
Another simple explanation would be that red is a prominent color and there are less chances of you losing your purse or forgetting it. As red is a great color for improving memory and sharpness of vision you can never miss a red purse. Sequins, beads, color patch work, and the formal purse with the traditional red purse anything does to improve your mood and environment confidence, except just don't go over board with the fascination of red, and carry a red purse for a formal board meeting!.here neutral colors are best for office and work environments.
Sequins Embellished Designer Batua
Designer red purses are available in many patterns and sizes. from the clutch to hand purses , the large red bags to travel bags red color rules the hand bag sections today. If you wish to make a style statement enter with a bold color red purse and sure all eye will be on you!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Designer Travelling Bag Tips For Buying Travelling Bags

Travelling bags, discounts, sale, cheap travelling bags and so on, the net is full of advertisements of travelling bags. As people have begun to more frequently travel today, not only to near destinations for day trips but also to far off over seas trips, travelling bags have become very important.
We all know the convenience of the perfect travelling bag, and as every family and individual has their favourite travelling bags, one that fulfills the needs, is handy and easy to carry and also does not increase lot of bulk.
The perfect travelling bag, a myth, or reality always depends upon your travel days and your personal requirements. While some may be satisfied with a few pairs of jeans and T shirts for a fortnight trip some are not satisfied even with many pairs of formal clothes and wish to carry the whole wardrobe! Travel kits include personal care items, like shower gels, shaving kits, body sprays and skin care and hair care items. The clothes one needs to carry totally depends upon the destination to be visited. While a warm country , beaches, desert places w ill require soft cottons wear, a more cold country trip will require woolens and warm wear, which will definately increase the bulk of your travel bag.
Leather Multi Purpose Bag
Select a travelling bag upon your requirements and the size will depend upon your trip duration.One thing which I love in designer travelling bags is to have an all complete travelling bags with organised sections for each items. While in the beginning of the journey the travelling bag is neatly packed and looks good, during the journey ,as days pass, the bag becomes more and more disorganized Searching for a single item, scattering and spreading all the contents of your travelling bag and  ending up in frustration for that single safety pin!
While buying a travelling bag do consider how many sections you will require, for your family or single person needs. Then the purpose of your trip, formal meetings will need to have your suits and dresses neatly ironed and packed, whereas informal trips would do away with handy sling travelling bags also. The more sections the better, the more organized your travelling bag will be, even at the end of your journey. And finally the good quality travelling bag to avoid the accidental tears, zip stuck attacks and trying to squeeze as much as possible , overflowing contents in a small size bag, at end of your trip after shopping!
The perfect travelling bag is always on the wish list and even after adding a whole lot of variety of travelling bags, road side cheap buys, and designer traveling bags, there is still a void, at every end of every trip, the need arises, 'we must have this section in our travelling bag' , or a smaller compact travelling bag looks cool' or maybe a smaller size bag which can hold the whole world inside and still be light in weight! still something missing in the bag, a need for a new section, the search continues to find the perfect travelling bag...

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Clutch a Perfect Handbag for All Occasions Choose Perfect Clutch for Wedding

Clutch, a tight grip, holding something tightly in hand, a clutch is a common hand bag used for all occasions  ranging from very cheap clutches to the designer hand made clutches there are many patterns and designs available in clutch hand bags.
Unique, handmade clutches are available online very easily. When we visit the hand bags online sites we see a wide variety in hand bags, especially clutches have made a way to all occasions  right from daily shopping spree to the more refined occasions like weddings and birthdays. Searching for the perfect clutch for wedding many brides try to find the right buy, a combination of looking good with brand name designer clutches and also utility going well with the wedding attire.
A perfect clutch is one that goes along or highlight the costume worn by the bride. It must act as an addition and not stand out as a sore thumb with the bridal outfit. The size of hand bag clutches vary from few inches to many inches that fits into the palm , to a larger one that needs a full grip. With traditional outfits the clutch done in hand made patterns and swarkozi work looks very good, especially for the Indian bride with sequined and hand embroidered sarees and lehangas in silver zari work and gold.
Branded Designer Embellished Sequins Clutch
The perfect clutch is what you can hold comfortably for a long time. remember Indian weddings are an elaborate affair which continues with many rituals for long hours,. be prepared to hold the clutch for long hours. Usually with the handy approach and comfortable size clutches do give pain in the hand, fingers and shoulders if carried for long hours.
Designer Clutch Gem Stones
Try to buy a comfortable clutch which is easy to grip, and a comfortable size for your palm or hand.  I love the designer clutches that have an additional metal handles or detachable straps for us to change hands or holding the clutch. this allows us the freedom to change positions of holding the clutch. If you are not comfortable with holding purse in your hand and are used to strappy ones do not go in for such hand bag clutch for a wedding , as you sure are bound to lose it or forget it somewhere.
While you buy designer outfits for wedding and match along a designer clutch , do consider your personal needs while selecting a clutch. You may want to keep some emergency make up kit, some cash, your mobile phone, some face cleansing tissues, safety pins, hair pins, medicines, chocolates, ... whatever your personal needs are. Does the selected designer wedding clutch serve the purpose? it will not be possible for you to carry another hand bag and the clutch should be able to suffice your needs for the wedding timing.

Designer Clutch

Branded Designer Sequins Studded Black Clutch

Fancy Silk Clutch
The work done on the clutch , does it make a comfortable  fit into your palm or hand or is it abrasive with lots of sequins which not only makes it difficult to hold for  along time but also gets stuck up with the hand worked sequined outfit..
Though large clutches are in fashion now for the sheer reason that they can hold a lot of things just like a  hand bag purse and still take a graceful position in your hand..

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Humble Batua, Traditional and Ethnic inThe Bag Collection

Traditional Embroidered  Designer Batua
The humble Batua as it was called has now become quite trendy and designer. As our grand mothers used to have hand made embroidered bataus, colorful , sequinned and made with lots of love, their uniqueness and style as it was used during occasions , the humble batua has still remained in our bag collection.
Simple Potli Batua Purse

Cloth Batua Traditional Purse
The string which was used to tie the batua for closing it has too changed from a simple colorful thread to a more refined art work. the batua to day is made of many types of materials and varieties, ranging from jute to cotton to silk and velvet.
The small wonder as was forgotton few years back, as old fashioned,   now finds a prominent place in every bag collection. With designers making their stamp over this functional bag, the batua is a simple small bag made usually of cloth, and the rest is ,outer part is decorated accordingly, from sequins to mirrors to colorful rags! We even find ranges in all prices and as the road side stall sells a batua for few rupees the designer ones cost a great deal. Some designers also use real diamonds, gold or silver thread, and also real gemstone incorporated in designing the batua.
Fancy Floral Print Batua
The original batua had only one section which was tied with string thread which would be pulled off for closing the batua after adding money, paan or supari or any personalized make up items. Cloth batuas can also be used to store jewellery items as it protects jewellery from getting abraised or scratched. Now designer batuas have sections made in the small size and we can store different things separately in the same batua.
Glitter Embellished Designer Batua
A very good addition that goes well with ethnic, traditional and also modern outfits. A simple cloth batua is handy even while going for a walk adding mobile phone and keys or also for festive occasions and family functions where in the decorated batua, sequineed and sparkling, finds a prominent place with our glamorous traditional ethnic outfit.