Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Things Which we need to Repair and Replace in Womens Purses with Use Tips for choosing ladies purses

Colorful Clutch Small Purse
 Things Which we need to Repair and Replace in Womens Purses with Use are never thought of when we are out to buy a ladies purse. Safety Tips for choosing purses is one aspect which many women never consider and often never pay attention to.
It is all but natural to look at the outside beauty of the hand bag, the colors, the work done and of course the price tag. Hardly we pay attention tot he zip, chains, hooks, handles and slings. very often I have seen that most women select the purse, bargain and then at the most try out the zips once and , the deal is final.
Within a few days the problems may begin if you use the purse to maximum full capacity.
1)Tears in outside leather or cover,
2)zips getting stuck up
3) handles with opening stitches,
are common problems we find with use of purses.
Overstuffing clutches with cosmetics and personal things is seen which results in the
4)lock getting loose and opening by itself.
In case you travel to work, then there are very many chances that the purse may get a cut or scratch which goes on increasing with use.
Decent Grey Pink Purse
Then the handles, they may give way if the bag is over loaded and heavy, usually threads from the sides and handles can be seen before the final break up.
Purses with magnetic locks and metal chains can either get stuck up or become loose with time, however hard you try to lock the magnetic lock it will open by itself.
repairs can be done by stitching from the purse makers who have specialized machines for stitching purses and repairing chains.
5)The inside of the purse is usually made on cloth and this wears off sooner with carrying cosmetics and sharp objects, like credit cards and hair brushes, hair clips,  in side the purse.
A womens purse has so many things, which we cannot do away without, choose your purse considering your personal requirements.
You pay a good price for Designer purses and hence it is advisable we use them with care. Select purses according to occasions and your personal profession and lifestyle. There is no point in buying a designer sleek sequined embroidered purse when you cannot carry your tab,  in side. It is a perfect fashion faux to be seen carrying your mobile phone in hand with a designer outfit and a designer purse!
Hanging Metal Chains Sling Purse
The tough ladies hand bag for work and office traveling.
The sleek purse clutch for simple outing to the nearby market.Where  you are sure you will not need cosmetics and extra accessories.
Designer Clutch
The elegant golden or silver embellished purse for weddings and special festive occasions.
The unique funky purse for that wow factor in your college.
The big ladies bag for adding the whole world inside!(it is quite famous that womens purse seems a place where they are always  lost to find out their things!)
Till date I have found the sleek purses just add up space and never come to use in practically. The ones I have bought for sheer beauty have been parted with as  they have never fulfilled my requirements of a ladies purse. The things which must always be with us are CASH and MOBILE! the rest of the things adding in the womens purse depends upon every woman, like basic cosmetics and medicines.
Do share your experiences , of any special ladies purse you have bought or wish to buy  or your experiences with any  designer purses or you collection of  beauties!.
Happy Shopping!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Unique Different Shaped Weird Designer Womens Purses

Furry Lion Antique  Womens Purse
Weirdest, unique, antique , different shaped purses.  So now we have moved on from the traditional shapes and colors. Funky, weird, antiques are in fashion. You can now flaunt your status and style with designer antique purses. Most of these are available online and if you are over with the common shaped purses move on to something weird and unique!
Barrel shaped Designer Antique purse

Designer Blue Book shaped purse

Unique Weird Hand Made womens Bag from jeans

The Cosmetics Box, shaped womens designer bag

Antique telephone shaped designer purse

Round ball shaped designer beaded purse

Heart shaped designer purse

Crystals sequins Duck shaped antique designer purse
All the Best!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Butterflies and Peacocks on Your Designer Purses Symbolism and Why Designers Use this Bird Designs in Purses

Embroidered Butterfly design on designer ladies purse
 Butterflies and peacocks have always shown up in ladies purses and most famous designers opt for these prints and designs in embroidered purses as women love to have these colorful birds designs.
Peacocks are  a favorite among designers as this beautiful  bird has its own beauty.
Why do designers choose peacocks designs? 
No one can argue about the most beautiful moment when a peacock opens its beautiful feathers in happiness and ecstasy before the rains.
Peacock Shaped Embroidered Sequins Ladies Purse
It is this symbolism that represents happiness, love for their mate and  the rain dance that make peacock designs a favorite among designers as well as women buyers of these bird print purses.
Butterflies prints and embroidered designer purses also for the same reason rule the ladies hand bags industry.
Some how this happiness is also transferred to the women who carry these designer purses. Hence we see that a peacock does make an important place in our hand bags closet.What with the lovely sequins, embroidered purses, and colorful patterns this is a sure beauty that makes a style statement when carried to any function.
Butterflies , in so many different colors, designs , natural patterns, a unique creation of God. This gives purse designers a free hand to experiment and explore new patterns and we all know nature is the best influence and a creative inspirer to all. This pattern represents abandon, freedom and happiness.
Bird prints shaped purses  also give a definite new shape and design to the hand bag , a welcome change from the old pattern rectangular  or square purses.

Fishes on ladies Designer hand bags
A much bolder change we notice in womens hand bags are the funkier prints on purses and other type of womens bags. From fish prints to owl prints and   even bat prints  are now seen in womens designer hand bags.
All age group of women are ready to accept new patterns, shapes and designs in hand bags as long as they can carry our stuff!

Funky Owl Print on Designer  Hand bags

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Abstract Pattern Ladies Hand Bags 5 Tips for choosing to buy abstract Patterns in ladies Hand bags

Abstract Pattern Ladies Purse
Red Abstract Design

 Abstract patterns on womens purse are ruling now in the latest trends in ladies hand bags. Usually this comes after enjoying the many colors in womens purses and bags.  As of first every women just goes in for black or brown as these hand bags can be paired along with any outfit. Then of course we now see so many bold patterns and colors ranging from reds, oranges, funky pinks, lime greens and so on. I love my purple purse, for its royal feel, except  that I have to take care while pairing it with reds or vibrant colors, it goes off well with   black outfits.
Royal Purple Ladies purse
Black and White Abstract Pattern Roll On Designer Clutch

Designer Rag Womens Purse
Designers have gone out of the way with funky designs and hand bags and as there are no rules here, it all depends on how bold you are and how well you can carry off any funky abstarct colored designer clutch or purse with flair.
Some advice  when buying abstract designer  purses-
1) Do select the one that is comfortable and can accommodate all your important "necessary things", the ones you always carry in your purse.
2)As for colors and patterns  do not go over board and select just what is in fashion, if you do not like animal prints do not buy a funky designer animal print purse as you will never  be comfortable in carrying the bag.
3) While buying branded designer bags with abstract designs  online do consider  the right colors they come in. You may go in for an funky orange but the product you get may be a brownish orange, so surf before you click on the buy now button.
4) Just a thought, being an healing artist I have to mention that muddy colors, too vague patterns  and wild bloody prints may not have a good effect on your psyche. I am here mentioning about the rage in womens fashion,  which many celebrities are flaunting, (next post for this) I just am too away from such art! this does not in any way mean to hurt any person or designer by any way, its fashion, you may as well go along, if you wish.Neither do I wish to influence your choice of bought designer bags in any way.
5) Abstract colorful prints are wonderful choice for any womens hand bags and purses as they may have a combination of colors and patterns. Buying an  abstarct pattern designer bag will give you a lot more choice in using your hand bag with many outfits and occasions.
Possessions A Symbolic Abstract Painting on Canvas Year 2000
Abstract designs rule not only in paintings but also in textiles and wall papers. Abstract designs are   open to interpretation and  thus bring in a factor of fantasy and excitement.
While you can get an unique bag abstract designs on your  purse or clutch are very good show stoppers in any crowd!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Funky Flourescent Colored Womens Large Hand Bags Latest Trends

Funky Fluorescent Colored Women's Purses
Latest trends seen in womens hand bags is the larger the better! Yes today over sized hand bags are quite a rage among teenagers as well as sophisticated class!
College going young girls love fluorescent colored purses and hand bags and flaunt the bags with funky outfits. There is no looking back with shocking Fuchsias and bright yellows as cerulean blues and lime greens all are a welcome in the collection of womens hand bags.
Black purses and hand bags universally acceptable and going along with any outfit and any occasion , now are considered boring and have taken a bit back seat. While we still love the feel and texture of original black leather hand bags the others have gradually made a liking and important place in the bags collection without age or professional factors coming in way.
Larger the better as we all know our womens hand bags bags are always and always stuffed till neck with I don't  know what, but womens purses seems always bulging out , just on verge of tearing most of the times. While adding things stuffing is a common trait all our clans follow and this sure is a wonderful pandoras box  and quite a topic of interest to see what is in the womens hand bag!
Large  sized , overly large sized ladies hand  bags though sometimes  look a bit out of proportion , especially for the small framed women they have made their place and are here to stay! utility and convenience have taken the front seat!and colors  rule our lives.
Purple Colored Womens Purse
Large variety of Womens Purses Hand Bags
Purple and pinks along with yellows are my favorite and they sure attract attention any place.
While buying large cotton womens hand bags of funky colors one must take care to buy good quality bags as the color bleeds even with sweat and may spoil your outfit and make an embarrassing situation. Usually jholas of mirror works   are quite in fashion but the shocking pinks, greens and the reds oranges bleed quite a lot and especially avoid bring out these cotton fancy hand bags in rains!(unless of course you are wearing an multi colored outfit!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Flower Shapes Designs in Designer Branded Womens Hand Bags

Designer Flower shaped womens hand bag
Different shapes, designs, fancy womens hand bags with lots and lots of variety in hand bags   the new trend is   to  experiment with various shapes in womens hand bags.  
Fancy designer womens hand bag
Chanced upon this beautiful flower shaped designer branded  womens hand bag. While we used to have fancy hand bags and purses with the same square , rectangle shaped outer case and texture as well as colors, as the trend setters are now moving from general clear colors to fluorescent and sparkling shiny colorful hand bags women are now even flaunting new fancy shapes in hand bags.
Lotus flower shaped hand bag
Circular shaped potli womens bags are now going along with not only traditional outfits but also with western wear as in leather potli purses.
Flower shaped hand bags are not only large and fancy but also have the same utility aspect with them. As they open out from the mouth of the flower there is enough space when you select a multi purpose womens hand bag.
Detachable, extensions, folding bags are a rage as they can be folded to slim zero figure size hand purse, clutch when not required and can be opened according too needs as large womens hand bag.
What an idea a multi purpose hand bag for various occasions, as was seen the hand bag that could be folded in , out and changed color and also the texture of the bag, so now it is green grey furry bag and now it becomes red sparkling silky!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Branded Ecofriendly Reusable Bags Hand bags made of paper and cloth

Branded Eco friendly bags
 Eco friendly, reusable and save the environment bags are the way of  today as we are now realizing the importance of what plastic has on the earth. Early days our families used to use bags made of  cloth, these are the best, reusable. As after use the cloth bags could be washed umpteen times and would be known as the favorite bazaar bags, milk bags, and fruit bags. Each shopping need had separate bags, and very often grandmothers would not like using bags for milk to be used for any other purchases, of course for the smell of milk.
Silk red em

Designer cloth jhola
Buying new clothes and children's school stationary had different hand bags as these needed to be dry and smell free.
Reusable hand bags
 Till today with the awareness to save earth reusable bags still rock! one they can be sued many times , and second they can be disposed off easily without harming the environment soil, as they decompose degrade sooner and mix with the soil.
Reusable plastic thick bags
 There are certain rules to be followed when using plastic bags as plastic use is banned, a certain thickness of microns size bags can be sued officially and many branded product companies use these still. Many have made the change towards eco friendly bags with paper and hand made paper bags ruling the bags market.
Bags from Jewellers Tribhovandas Bhimji Javeri
While selecting cloth bags, you can opt for fancy cloth bags today that have sequinned and detailed painted   or hand embroidered work on the sides, which makes it enough fancy bag for any age group to carry comfortably and with fashion.
While using plastic thick bags it is advisable to wash the bags after use  like buying vegetables or fruits and dry off well to reuse again. As black plastic bags on minimum thickness are banned for sue they clog the drainage and lead to flooding during rains, still we see many shop owners going along breaking the  rule.
What you can do- carry your own bags as far as possible when you go to buy groceries or vegetables fruits, and try to refuse black plastic bags , do your little bit if possible. It is a great habit to carry thick plastic bags folded in your pant pockets or hand bags so that you may use them whenever you do window shopping of purchase vegetables fruits on the go.
Cloth bags, need not be the traditional square shape or rectangular bags with cloth handles, fancy printed, designer bags today are available and also look great and can be used for  shopping purposes that go along with any outfit.
Today we also see thick cloth bags coated with a layer of hand made netted cloth or paper that gives it extra strength and toughness.

So while Titan and Tanishq have branded name bags we see many jewelers and designer clothes line have their own designer bags.

Change to eco friendly hand bags and do your bit for the environment.
All the Best!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Buying Hand Bags from Shopping Malls Versus Original Single Branded Stores

Branded Ladies Handbags in Malls
 Ladies hand bags and designer purses are best bought from shopping malls and shopping centre branded stores with a wide range of variety  to view and of course in the comfortable environment of the malls buying becomes a pleasant process. Malls and shopping centres are now in full swing with the climate outside gloomy and wet. rainy season is the time when most of us flood to  malls and shopping centers and what best are usually tempted to take a bite and of course shop for  what we love.

I love shopping malls and stores of branded ladies hand  bags as they have a lot of variety and different brands under one roof. Visiting original stores of a  single brand has some limitations as to  they show you only that particular brand in ladies hand bags though we cannot complain as  any famous designer brand name has a lot of variety in sizes and shapes of hand bags. A sure treat for  any fan of a particular brand and people rarely change brands.
Many ladies are hoppers  in shopping who love to buy what we love.Sticking to one brand sometimes limits our choices and especially when you are the one who buys with visual appealing type who love to buy what you see and like at first glance rather than thinking about the reliability and durability of the purse. Then there are those , the loyal followers, who come every time to the  same brand store, who stick to the brand in ladies purses.
Going back to the same stores to see fresh stocks is another buying trend as many ladies prefer to   shop along with friends and what best way to spend time (and money!) than a mall or shopping centre with the comforts from the outside gloomy weather.
While  buying from branded stores in malls prefer to keep the bill for some time till you have used  the ladies purse hand bag for some time as they all have some warranty period for damages in stitching or stuck up chains. While selecting a hand purse or bag do consider your personal tastes and life style  as you will be using the ladies purses at occasions where your personal things have to fit into the piece selected.
I have spent a lot on ladies purses over the years, most ladies do, often looking at the exterior and never of my needs. The purses though look so beautiful , attractive pieces, have always given me a trying time when  I have too attend any functions. The war of tucking as many things into the small delicate designer purse is what all ladies would agree with, a challenging task before attending any function. Many times  even cash would be difficult to squeeze in the tiny beautiful designer pieces! change is no no with small purses, and credit cards are the only option which I am afraid are still not universally accepted, leave aside glares and   spectacles if you have one and may be needing them. 
A decent mature  shopper now, "sometimes",  though I love a piece of purse of  hand bag I do consider what occasion this bag will come  along with me.
A hand bag for trips sure can be a huge bigger sized one but a  occasion and festive time use  one has to be sleeker and more fancy. A shocking vibrant funky designer purse may be be for outings  and trips but cannot go along as a combination to a heavy sequined festive outfit. There are no rules here and all depends upon your individual   preferences and style.
Buying Ladies Hand bags from Shopping Malls and stores
Buying from shopping malls  any ladies purse has big advantages as you get to visit the store and once they know you remember you as a frequent shopper of hand  bags, in case of any problems (sometimes even if you don't  like the bag on reaching home) are a also willing to exchange the bag within few  days. Many people thus love to shop from malls and shopping centers for the reason of variety and the variety for designer bags available under one roof.
There are beautiful ladies latest bags now that are collapsible and can be made into different sizes keeping the beauty of the original ladies purse intact.  love this universal ladies branded purse  type. One with customized sections also would be great so that when we need more space we can make it and when we need a sleek purse it can be folded back into a small purse.
happy shopping ladies hand bags and purses, a love which no lady can deny, a welcome gift to every woman, and  a frequently bought accessory for all ladies.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pink Color Purse of Love Feng Shui Symbolism of Pink Purse

Pink colored  purses are now in fashion and not only young collegiate choose  shocking fuchsia colored  tops and pants even the clutches  and womans bags  are made in shocking shades  and hues of pinks.
Pink designer Sling Purse

Designer Pink decent Purse

Traditional Silk material designer branded clutch
Pink , the color of love and harmony has been used in form of romantic love as of in rose petals of pink, but in case of clutches and hand bags designers have gone ahead and used  as many shades of pink  as  possible from light baby pink to darker shocking pink to magenta and the darkest pinks.

Pink colored bags which was once upon a time frowned as gay color is now in the open and universally accepted as the color of love. With pink lipsticks a must , the  pink clutch, pink womans purse hand bags,  has made a  way to every womans collection of bags.
Pink Heart womens purse
1-While choosing to buy a pink purse one must understand that this pink colored hand bag or purse may not go with every outfit and also will be used only on some occasions. 
2- Usually designers try to make pink purses in small size to make it an highlighter in your outfit ensemble. So finding a large purse may be difficult sometimes,  but there are no rules.
3- Pink colored purses may go well with white and soft colored outfits  but look quiet jarry with dark colored dress.
4- If you are the sober type or the eclectic type will show off in your selection of shades of pink purse.  Pastel pinks in purse do well with glittering sequins and stones. Darker forms of pink purses will take away the attention from you and lead the eye to your purse.
5- Shocking Vibrant Pink purses often bring attention to them more that other colors,even from far, so be alert from purse snatchers who  eye on ladies purses.

6- Pink colored purses can be carried by any woman of any age group , nowadays the blend of pink into various styles of hand bags by designers has brought open this color of love in form of beautiful hand bags and clutches.
7- While choosing to buy a pink purse remember that all your needs must be fulfilled with this pink clutch or  womans pink purse. I have had many problems while I love purses not all of my valuables go in. And as with black or brown or maroon colored purses it is possible  to carry another bag with pinks it is very difficult to carry another colored bag along.
8- Feng shui symbolism of pink colored purse is great. Pink being the color of love and healing relationships it spreads vibrant waves of love to others. Wherever you carry the color pink the touch heals you and soothes your senses, and also spreads the love energy everywhere. Used with pink stones designs and patterns on pink purse this is the best gift for any woman to receive from their partner strengthening the bond of love.

Pink color goes well for festive and formal occasions as well as informal ones.  
Even antique copper colored purse as base with embroidered work on the purse looks great. There are so many options and shades hues in pinks that pink is here to stay, be it your t shirt, shirt, top with noodle straps or the womens purse.
Antique silver work designer clutch
You can make a statement entry to any occasion by wearing a white sequined dress or saree and carrying a pink colored clutch  A black or brown formal pants attire can also be uplifted with a small pink hand purse.  or Of course if you wish to be a riot of colors  you may wear your style, in reds   oranges browns greens  and go along with pink purse!
Healing the Heart Symbolic Painting by Mrs Rizwana A.Mundewadi

 I  have always wanted to have my healing paintings transferred on clutches designer handbags and materials, textiles and designers sarees would look and feel great wearing healing art all the way close to your body healing all the chakras, especially pink for the heart chakra. Ladies pink purse would be a great style statement, carrying art,  when combined with healing powers of healing symbolic artworks.
While on this spiritual journey of The Red Pilgrim, as I continue to paint healing art, I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals.